Unbridled Pleasures (Subaru Impreza WRX)


As far as pickup lines go, we heard the best ever in our seven year history: “My name is Box and I drive a boxer.”

A family man that wanted a car capable of track deployment and also to ferry his wife and two kids comfortably… plus, turbo, all wheel drive and you either end up with a Lancer Evolution or this, the Impreza WRX. Bug-eye, cock-eye, hawk-eye. The second generation Subaru Impreza WRX will always be remembered by these names. Built from 2000 to 2007, the short life span of this car saw two premature design changes, but it is this version – launched in 2005, with a new corporate look, stuck around the most.

Speak to any owner, and despite complaints about the car’s thirst for fuel, all of them will praise their cars for the power, speed, and daily usability. To this day, there is no mistaking the characteristic rumble of Subaru’s boxer, and enthusiasts will still be looking out for the WRX upon hearing the deep throbbing.

Being a track enthusiast, he has been active in many motorsports events such as recently held API Racing Sepang trackday, and his car is the result of many years of knowledge of driving on the track, from his previous car till today!

Many things Subaru did right: A slick manual, low weight and lobs of power on call – all the things that made the ‘rex a cult classic. Beating deep within is the good ole’ EJ20 horizontally opposed heart, with torque proportionally split to all four wheels, alongside its patented All-Wheel Drive system.

With the stock WRX already pushing the limits of performance while maintaining longevity, the engine bay reveals several well-thought upgrades. EJ20 rebuilt with stronger pistons, rods and a block guard that strengthen and support the cylinder walls while allowing maximum coolant passage .This minimizes gasket failure and cracked cylinders – both of which are common problems with WRXes running higher boost levels.

Speaking of more boost, the thirst for more power saw the addition of a GT28 turbo, with a much less restrictive air intake with an additional boost controller to keep the blades whirring away happily. The increase in inflow necessitates the need for more exhaust, which was easily dealt with by a legal Fujitsubo Exhaust. To keep up with the additional power, the prop shafts were upgraded to carbon, which have the added benefit of reducing weight as well.

Go straight or around corners, this WRX really shines with a combination of coilovers, arms, bars, bushings and bracing struts. Yellowspeed coilovers, complemented with thicker Whiteline Front & Rear Anti-Roll Bars helped to lower the centre of gravity plus prevent excessive body roll. Grip was not overlooked as well, with the track-proven Dunlop Direzza ZII Star matched with Rota Torque in 9-inch width for the right feel and sticking tenacity.

It’s all business inside, starting with the Bride Stradia seat and a slew of information overload for every track enthusiast – in the form of gauges for water, oil and exhaust temperature, with another for oil pressure.

Of course, it may be fast, but it must look just as fast. With the race-ready Ganador side mirrors and STi Trim Kit may seem to be little additions, the big details Varis Carbon Fibre Bonnet Seibon Carbon Fibre Truck Varis GT Wing and Chargespeed Bottom Line Lip Kit serve the purpose of looking good, adding more aero performance and reducing weight.

This WRX is a fine example that one can indeed have a powerful weekend track warrior, that isn’t a killer to drive everyday, but as 2018 rolls about, we’ll see even lesser of these fine examples left roaming on our roads. Here is to hoping that we’ll see it running wild and free on the tracks again!

Subaru Impreza WRX

EJ20 built by BKS
CP Piston 92.5mm
Cosworth Conrod
Cylinder Block Guard
Garret GT28
Apexi Open Pod Air Intake
Apexi AVCR Boost Controller
Fujitsubo Exhaust
Carbon Propshaft
HKS Oil Cooler

Yellowspeed Coilover
Cuso Front Strut Bar
Cusco Rear Strut Bar
Whiteline Front & Rear Anti-Roll Bar
Spec C front A Arm
Spec C Quick Steering Rack
Super Pro Caster Kit
Full Super Pro Undercarriage Bushing
STI Pink Lateral Arms
Rota Torque 17 x 9.0 with Dunlop Direzza ZII Star

Defi Gauges (Water Temp, Oil Temp, Oil Press, Exhaust Temp)
Bride Stradia Semi Bucket Seat

Ganador Side Mirror
STi Trim Kit
Varis Carbon Fibre Bonnet
Seibon Carbon Fibre Truck
Varis GT Wing
Chargespeed Bottom Line Lip Kit


Pull out quote:

“My name is Box and I drive a boxer.”



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