Shell V-Powers Local Talents

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To reward Singaporeans who show love for their cars, Shell Singapore will be giving away limited-edition decals to those who fuel their cars with Shell V-Power Nitro+, well recognised as leader in the premium fuels segment. Drivers will be entitled to redeem one (1) decal with a minimum $60 spent on Shell V-Power Nitro+. There are four designs in total and are illustrated by Singapore artists – Lee Xin Li (also known as “Pok Pok & Away”), Lydia Yang (Oak and Bindi), Esther Goh and Benjamin Qwek (Made by Ben). Each decal represents the artists’ interpretation of the loving relationship drivers share with their cars and how they make life’s journeys better. Collect all 4 designs to win S$1,000 worth of Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuel.

One decal will be released each week at all 57 Shell stations island-wide, with the first decal available from 11 December 2017. Drivers will be able to collect all four decals between 11 December 2017 to 31 January 2018. Between 15 to 31 January 2018, 10 lucky cars spotted by Shell with all four decals, displayed on their windows or windscreens, will each be entitled to win S$1,000 worth of Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuel vouchers – spotting will be done at random, at various Shell stations across Singapore.

“Shell, as a leading fuel provider with 57 stations across Singapore, believes cars are the conduits between life’s moments. Cars connect people to the very important things in life; families, careers, hobbies, friends and even me-time. Sometimes, cars are where incredible moments can happen too – the precious 20 mins every morning with the children or listening to that audiobook to decompress on the way home. Drivers recognise the importance cars play in their lives. Drivers constantly shower them with love and strive to give them their best, from regular grooming, servicing and even fuelling it with the best fuel, Shell V-Power Nitro+, so that their cars are always at their optimum to make life’s journeys better. That’s why we wanted to reward these drivers with badges of pride they can wear on their cars through these limited-edition decals, “said Aarti Nagarajan, General Manager of Retail Sales & Operations, Shell Singapore.

The decals, their artists and release dates are as follows:

Artist: Lee Xin Li

With his iconic style inspired by childhood memories, history, architecture, culture and food, Xin Li depicts treasured moments with his loved ones across Singapore, centred around the family car. Release: 11 December 2017

Artist: Lydia Yang

Known for the nostalgic flavour in her work, reminiscent of 90s cartoons, Lydia portrays the fun and thrill of road trips she cherishes, that has fostered timeless friendships in her life. Release: 18 December 2017

Artist: Benjamin Qwek

Benjamin’s trademark street edge is exemplified in this expression of the freedom that he feels when he drives his beloved car and the precious family moments it enables. Release: 25 December 2017

Artist: Esther Goh

Esther’s design, characterised by satire and surrealism, is inspired by strong family bonds, with car rides as the perfect place for conversations with family to “fuel the love”. Release: 1 January 2018

Xin Li, Esther and Benjamin are no strangers to Shell collaborations, having designed collectable tissue boxes earlier this year to celebrate the Shell Eco-marathon cars created by Singapore students. Lydia Yang is a new Shell collaborator, bringing a new style of art into the collection.

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