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EMMA Singapore Championship 2017 was successfully completed on the 29th of October at Carros Centre, the finale that presented the best sound cars in town. In this special segment usually reserved for one ICE car per issue, we will be showing an extensive list of winners all at once this time – all with more than sufficient punch to claim top honours!

One of the biggest winners in the competition is Xtremez Audio. Judging by their customer and fan base, we can safely conclude that their growth is increasing at an exponential rate.

The “Best Of Sound” category had the most cars participating in this National Final. We saw no less than 21 cars competing to be the best sounding car in town. Top honours went to a Honda Vezel, with owner Zhenxian a self-confessed audiophile. His sound system is equipped with a Pioneer source unit, Mosconi DSP 6to8 processor, two units of Mosconi Zero 4 amplifier, Micro Precision 7 series tweeter and midbass with Z series midrange, Gladen SQX 10 sub-woofer, and RCA/speaker cables from Micro Precision. Installed and tuned by Xtremez Audio.

The “Budget 5000” category is also one of the more inviting categories, as a mid-level budget system we saw 10 cars participating in the finals. Michael, the owner of this Honda Vezel, gave unbridled attention to his ride in terms of sound quality. It is equipped with an Alpine X008 – a perfect fit for the Vezel, Helix DSP, Focal FSP 2160 & FSP 4160 amplifier, Focal ES165KX3 speakers and P25F Sub-woofer. RCA and speaker cables are from Tchernov and the system is fully installed and tuned by Xtremez Audio.

The “King Of Sound” category that attracted 19 entries was won by a Toyota Estima, piloted by Mr Ong. It took down 18 other cars with his perfect sounding system. Its source unit is Alpine’s X009, and its processor, the Helix DSP PRO, is connected via optical. A full set of Micro Precision Z Studio 4 way system consisting of Tweeter, Midrange, Midbass and Woofer was fully customised. This ride also uses four units of Quartorigo 20th Anniversary Edition INGOT 2 amplifiers, which powers the entire system. The full cable system uses Tchernov and the system is fully Installed and tuned by Xtremez Audio.

“OEM” category is one of the most challenging categories as the installation of the cabin must remain at the same factory location. The winner of this Toyota Harrier, Mr Tang, prefers everything neatly done, which explains his decision to take part in the “OEM” category. The system is powered by an Alpine X009 Harrier source unit and Helix DSP Pro connected optically. A full set of Brax equipment powers the entire ride. The amplifiers, front speakers and sub-woofer are from Brax Matrix. The tweeter and midrange sits in the original dash position. The cables are from Tchernov and the system is fully installed and tuned by Xtremez Audio.

“Budget 8000” and “Best Sound SUV” category are also highly sought after categories, each with more than 10 cars fighting to be the top. But this ride achieved top honours in both categories. This Toyota Harrier belongs to Mr Ong’s family, driven by his son Justin. Its source unit uses Alpine’s X009 Harrier and it connects directly to the processor – Mosconi’s DSP6to8 PRO. Other fitments include the Mosconi AS100.4 and two units of AS 200.2 amplifiers powering the Micro Precision Z series 4 way system of Tweeter, Midrange, Midbass and sub-woofer. The full cable system are from Tchernov and the system is installed and tuned by Xtremez Audio.

“Budget 1500” is an entry-level category, which provides participants to work on their vehicles on a tighter budget. This setup realised by Mr Yip uses Pioneer as the source unit with a full Groundzero system, connected directly to a GZDSP 6-8X processor. Two units of GZHA Mini Four and Mini Two amplifiers power the system of a 2-way active system of GZNK165SQ & GZNT25SQ in front. The GZIW200BR Sub-woofer sits in the trunk. The cables are from Monster and the system is installed and tuned by GT Auto.


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