Super Styling (Honda Vezel)


When we featured our first Vezel, it was funny how it seemed like the “Singaporean’s choice”, judging by the hordes of HRV/Vezels already plying our streets just a year ago. Things didn’t get rosier since private-hire cars started hitting our streets.

But of course, we persevered, knowing that there is another Vezel out there that stands out from the rest. This however, seemed to fly under our radar for the longest time… seeing how low it has been made.

The lowered looks are complimentary of the KSport coilovers. Not just keen on having a lowered car, big wheels were added to buff up the image of this crossover. Although the ride quality of the Vezel is on the taut side of things, going for a plus two was further accentuated by the addition of spacers to push those wheels to the flushing point.

And that, is when we started to notice that this Vezel was much wider than the many that ply the roads today. The original wheel arch fenders were pulled off, replaced with moderately wider ones that covered the wheels perfectly. Of course, we were curious to know what spurred the owner to embark on this course. “The two month transformation was sparked off by only one thing: “Some people mistook me for an Uber driver,” he said..

Not keen on just stopping at a wide body look, the defacto modification for changing the vehicle’s look is by adding body kits. In this case, the Vezel receives a healthy load of Balsarini parts, such as the front bumper as well as the rear under spoiler. The side skirts however, were modified versions of the Mugen Side Spoiler to sit flush with the extended fenders. The overall looks were finished off with a neat looking M’z Speed Rear Spoiler, painted in black to match the roof.

Speaking of the paint. At first glance, it may seem white, but it’s a white base with 20% Pearlescent pink – it becomes more apparent under sunlight, where the colour will shift to pinkish white on various surfaces as one moves around the car. It’s not very apparent, but it’s really special.

Being a daily family hauler, performance upgrades was completely off-limits. The stock muffler with a turndown tip receives a shiny Honda Modulo tip to make it look more appealing against the sport body kit. Inside however, receives several nice touches to make stepping in a welcoming affair, such as the custom door scuff plates that colour cycle every 5 seconds and rubber mats custom fit to every holder in the car to prevent things from rattling about. There is some sound proofing done, in order to maximize the Focal speakers and DLS sub performance.

For small crossovers, with the new Toyota CH-R already making the market more hotly contested (plus, the Koreans have announced their competing models), the Vezel is still holding out admirably, drawing much praise from a Honda heritage and readily available parts for modifications.

It is unlikely that this Vezel reach the levels of his previous ride, a fully VIP-ed bB/Materia…but he is definitely not closed to the idea. It might just happen!

Honda Vezel 1.5 X

Oil catch tank

KSport coilovers
Ksport mini8 front brakes with 330mm rotors
18″ wheels
15 F 20 R mm spacer

IRoad v9 camera,
Pioneer 2-din multimedia receiver
Focal Speakers
DLS Subwoofer
Magnetic sun shade

Custom kit wide body fender
Balsarini front bumper
Balsarini rear diffuser
Mugen Side Spoiler
Modulo Exhaust Finisher
Custom 20% Pearlescent pink white base paint
M’z Speed Rear Spoiler
Red Honda Emblem


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