Mobile Magic (Toyota Harrier)


Casting the net wide on local roads will reveal an abundance of SUVs, which comes as no surprise given its utilitarian appeal. Its high riding stature helps in road visibility, and more-than-sufficient cabin space can very well swallow the demands of weekend grocery runs. Moreover, the rugged nature of SUVs could help families embark on more adventurous outings – an attribute that some owners value to match their lifestyle needs.

However, the versatility of a SUV can also satiate the needs of niche hobbyists. This example shows us why it is crucial to have the fundamentals spot on before commencing on a project car. The Toyota Harrier makes plenty of sense when it comes to in-car entertainment (ICE) modifications – chunky A pillars serve as a good platform for quality speaker fitment, and the doors are designed in a way that supplies a wide, less intrusive method of modification. The generous headroom and width helps in terms of soundscape too, allowing the installer to tune the audio system with more ease. Not forgetting the rear third that literally swallows any product – perfect for projects that require extensive customisation.

This Toyota Harrier is certainly one of the stars within the EMMA competition scene in Singapore, primarily due to its perfect construction of the interior, endowing it with a striking advantage to have all speakers within the OEM location. In other words, all speaker upgrades are hidden within original speaker positions.

Alan Ng, the owner of this ride, gave the responsibility to his installer, Audio Solution, to craft a bespoke project – and the result was nothing short of immaculate!

Starting off with the headunit, an Alpine X009 that is a perfect fit for the Harrier. It is connected to the Helix DSP, which provides the tuning functions of crossovers, time alignment and equalizer.

A full Ground Zero Reference system was configured in this ride, providing the backbone for exemplary sound quality. Three Ground Zero Reference amplifiers installed in the trunk powers the whole system. And it comes as no surprise that each is tasked with specific duties – the 4XS powers the tweeter & midrange, while two units of 2XS powers the midbass and sub-woofer respectively.

Seated in the original dashboard position are the Ground Zero Reference 28 tweeter & 80 midrange. The grilles were customised to supply better dispersion of sound, but this overall installation is still considered as OEM, which makes it all the more special. The original door panel position reveals the Ground Zero Reference 180 Midbass, and the 250 powers the sub-woofer. The entire car’s cable is run by Tchernov, supplying it with clean, non-intrusive aesthetics.

This Toyota Harrier has trophies to back up its well sorted project. It was victorious in last year’s CFC competition in OEM, which involves China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and The Philippines. It also claimed a top award in the EMMA Singapore National Finals.

It’s a surreal experience stepping into the driver’s seat to experience what this setup can offer. Tonal accuracy is spot on, with the hi and mid tuned perfectly. And when the time comes for more punchy beats, the bass takes over and transforms the mood from a steady, calm hauler to an energetic mobile media machine – the type of versatility needed to match varying lifestyle needs.

We often come across projects that might look appealing at first glance, but this example manages to stand out from the rest with a neat balance of style and substance. The clean lines from Audio Solution’s experts paves the way for uninterrupted, immaculate aesthetics – ingredients that contribute to a perfect mobile media recipe.


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