Yellow Envy (Honda Accord Euro R)

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Do you want a really fast Honda? The only fast Honda you can buy new today, is the Civic Type R. Or If you’re feeling really loaded, the NSX. Thanks to the new Euro 6 emissions standards that was introduced to three years ago in Europe, and this year in Singapore, most car manufacturers have switched to turbo power in order to meet the stricter emission regulations.

With the new regulations killing off many popular models from the local market, and pre-turbo Honda “R” can be considered a legend today. The Accord Euro R, its slightly madder brother – the FD Civic Type R continue to shape the Type R of today. If you needed to move your family fast, there is almost nothing that could come close to the four-door practicality.

Take the Honda Accord Euro R (CL7R) as an example. Dig deeper and you will understand what makes this car one of the favourites in the car enthusiast fraternity. Here at REV, we have seen many go by in red, blue, white, brown and now: YELL-ow. The K20 is wildly popular with the Honda purists for one good reason: Nearly bomb proof and a redline in the heavens. There is still nothing on earth that will come close to a highly strung naturally aspirated engine.

That said, the K20 has spawned an entire aftermarket industry around itself as well, many fine examples can be found inside the block. A higher lobe cam was added for a good bump of power, and it’s given a bigger flow of juice from the uprated 410cc injectors. More well-thought out air intake modifications include the fuel rail and the ultra race intake manifold. And just to make sure the engine screams at its fullest, a fat tummy intake leading to a larger throttle body. This bad boy doesn’t make its presence felt, it makes sure that you will hear it coming too!

With the beefed up power, the engine mounts were uprated to keep all the torque twisting down. A sporty thermostat was added to let the coolant flow more freely through a thicker radiator, while the power was dealt firmly with the twin plate clutch to the wheels. And to end off on a glorious note, exhaust gases are blasted out from the back through a large catback system.

Brutal power meets precision handling with minor reinforcement additions to the already-stiff chassis, the handling is further tuned with coilovers as well as tweakable suspension components to keep it planted under full power cornering. The “weaker” stock brakes, had to make way for the beefed up front brake calipers, along with strong-bite brake pads for the ultimate show stopper.


Serving both as daily transport and a track warrior, the Rev Speed Meter, “N/A package” traditional meters and tachometer keep an eye on the critical information for temperatures and pressures. A firm feel of the road can be had with the proper-sized full bucket seat, while the handling is well within comfortable reach through the deep dish steering wheel.

With all these additions, the exterior gets a treatment that literally matches the screaming potential. A paint scheme that yells and a custom, big-print carbon fibre bonnet and carbon fibre boot for that essential weight savings. It’s a sweet combo that grows on us the more we look at it!

Honda Accord Euro R

Toda C cam
RDX 410cc injector
Ktuned fuel rail
Ktuned dip stick
Ktuned engine oil cap
Carbon Fiber fat tummy intake with blitz filter
Cusco Oil catch tank
Skunk 2 ultra Race intake manifold
Innovative engine mount
Koyorad radiator
S90 throttle body
Spoon Thermostat
OS giken twin plate clutch
HKS Super silent catback

Tein Monosport coilover
Hardrace front and rear camber kit
Advan RZ rim 17″ with RE070
Alcon 6 pot brake kit with DBA rotor (front)
Upsize 300mm rotor

Defi NA package meter
Defi Tachometer
Sparco deep dish steering with NRG short hub
Apexi Rsm
Bride zeta3 full bucket seat with silver backing

Revo customise big printed carbon fibre bonnet
VIS racing Monster design carbon fibre boot


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