Magic Box (Toyota Vellfire)


We’ve always been intrigued by Toyota’s Vellfire – it’s commanding road presence primarily attributed to its high-slung stature. This is not a car that we utilise to carve corners at neck-strapping speeds. Instead, it is designed to endow passengers with optimal, chauffeur-like comfort. At this price point, it comes strikingly close to premium continental compact sedans, although both serve varying purposes. For a daily hauler tuned to deliver unrivalled headroom and legroom, nothing comes quite close to a MPV, especially for the Vellfire. It ticks all the right boxes even for expanding families looking to increase their headcount!

Given that the Vellfire is blessed with bags of space, it comes as no surprise that owners utilise it for mobile media projects as well. There’s plenty of real estate within the cabin, along with a larger-than-life vehicle width that can potentially benefit the listener in terms of sound stage. We would expect nothing less for a mobile lounge with a second row that has an assortment of armchair and footstool configurations!

This project realised by Dat’s Auto proves that a MPV serves more than one purpose – it is a people carrier, as well as a mobile media hauler with a top-notch sound system. This all-new ride was entrusted to the Dat’s Auto team to create a project any audiophile would approve. The boys at Dat’s Auto Pte Ltd did a brilliant job by showcasing its finest craftsmanship and attention to detail – attributes that made this Vellfire stand out from the crowd.

Starting from the perfect integration of its massive 9-inch view from Alpine, its mobile high definition link provides easy and direct connection of smartphones for playback of high quality audio and video, granting the user a big advantage in terms of connectivity, as he/she can control the smartphone from the touchscreen panel.

The Alpine unit is connected directly to a full-fledged “Italian job” from Mosconi, starting from the DSP 8to12 Aerospace Hi-RES Signal processor that controls and commands the tonal and sound stage of the entire sound system. They are then directly linked to three units of D2 series amplifiers. Powering the front stage is the D2 100.4 and D2 150.2. Another unit of D2 150.2 powers the woofer. The all-new High End Micro Precision RCA and speaker cables were used to transport the system’s signal. They were made with the highest precision from Germany (the dual core speaker cable uses pure silver and copper).

Taking the front stage is Micro Precision’s flagship Z Studio speakers, using the full 4-way setup with the tweeter and midrange sitting within the custom A pillars. A 6.5 inch midbass takes position at the original door panel, while the 10-inch woofer sits neatly in a customised ported box inside the trunk area. These exclusive drivers are CNC and handmade in Germany by Mr Thomas Hoffmann using highest precision measurements and equipments.

A casual listen from the driver’s seat was more than sufficient to certify that this mobile media hauler means serious business. Tonal accuracy is spot on, with the mids and highs working in tandem to supplement precision tunes on demand. And when soundtracks are adjusted to deliver more punchy bass, the low-end performance does not disappoint too – dispensing no lack of oomph without hints of distortion. A chauffeur-like experience presented on this particular Toyota Vellfire can be considered a bespoke affair, given that it arouses our senses right from the get go. Salute!


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