Va Va Voom (Honda Vezel)


If you only get the chance to select one do-it-all vehicle as your daily drive, we reckon that most will opt for a compact crossover. This comes as no surprise, as they are designed to swallow miles and miles of tarmac with ease, while keeping both driver and occupants satisfied with high levels of ride quality and functionality. In Singapore’s context, nothing comes quite close to the Honda Vezel, given its competitive price point, modern aesthetics and bulletproof reliability. Although only time will tell if Toyota’s CH-R will snag a large pie of the market share, we believe the Vezel comes pretty close to the only car we need for an adventurous day out with the family.

Yes, it is practical with its high-riding stature and bags of boot space. But for audiophiles, these attributes could also mean that the fundamentals are well in place to create a professional mobile media machine. This example shows us that desires of audiophiles are limited only by their wildest imagination!

Zhenxian, the owner of this Honda Vezel, brought his car to Xtremez Audio the minute it was collected. Some might think twice given that it just rolled off the factory, but this audiophile did not bat an eyelid, and went ahead to set mobile media installations as his priority.

Xtremez Audio worked with Zhenxian to meticulously select the finest components, while also keeping the overall budget in mind. The headunit is Pioneer’s AVH-X5850BT, Double Din DVD Multimedia AV receiver with a 7” WVGA touchscreen display. This is connected directly to Mosconi’s DSP 6to8, a 100 per cent Italian-made signal processor that controls 8 channels of output providing functions of Time Alignment, Crossover & Equaliser for a perfect stage and tonal balance. We are increasingly identifying this headunit-signal processor combination, no surprise given that they are one of the best in the business!

Powering the system is two of units of Mosconi Zero 4, a High End 4-channel amplifier made in Italy with a sleek silver satin finish. It has a unique regulated power supply, forming part of the AB class with 1 Ohm of stereo capability. Taking the front stage in a custom A pillar is Micro Precision’s 7 series Tweeter and Z series Midrange. Occupying the door panel position will be the 7 series Midbass. Produced by Mr Thomas Hoffman in Germany, these speakers is widely well known for being one of the best speakers in the world for in-car entertainment (ICE).

Sitting in a customised enclosure is GLADEN’s SQX10 sub-woofer, drawing 525 Watts RMS power and pumping heart-thumping beats on demand. Micro Precision Interconnects and speaker cables were used to transport the system signal, utilising high precision with silver core materials to construct these cables from Germany. The “veins” within this intricate system certainly push this setup to a level far beyond basic, given that these speaker cables are widely used in award-winning vehicles during global ICE competitions.

These ICE products would not be maximised without the tuning expertise of Charles from Xtremez Audio. It does pull quite a big punch for bass-heavy hits, stringing beats without any hints of distortion. But dial it down a notch and Zhenxian gets to enjoy stunning vocals from the Micro Precision speakers. This mobile media project embraces the concept of all-in-one to perfection, just like how the Honda Vezel manages to satisfy driver and occupants effortlessly on a daily basis. Salute!


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