The Family Passion

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Stemming from a youthful passion to repair cars, Ganesh, Director of Prem Brothers Engineering & Motor Works, loves high performance motoring. This was how he had the idea of starting a shop to quench his desires and passion to be working on cars.

With his brother sharing the same passion, the family saw the opportunity of turning the shop into an establishment with strong footholds. In 1994, they started in Sembawang with a mini workshop. Ganesh learnt from the best and was officially certified by ITE Certificate in Automotive Technology.

In the early years of the competitive industry, learning the hard way was part of the game. Blessed with the fundamentals of running a business from his brother, who later retired and handed the business over to Ganesh,he continued to pursue his passion everyday, practising integrity in running the operations.

Servicing both private and commercial vehicles, Prem Brothers prides itself on customer service, by treating most of their clients as friends with honest down-to-earth service. As Ganesh puts it: “Being honest gains respect. Customer service is important.”

His idea of caring for the customer’s needs is: The vehicle should be on the road and running! Sharing with us several experiences, he attended calls as late as 3am to rescue a customer when their car refused to start. Should it not be repaired on the spot, the shop offers 24 hour towing services.

Ganesh shared some of the toughest challenges in operating a workshop – one of which would be gearing up for festive seasons as families need their car to get around. An example would be during Chinese New Year, as parts stockists are not open leading up to the festival. As such, priority given to customers who urgently require their cars.

This personalized service has won Prem Brothers a loyal following of customers, many of whom have are neighbours. Keeping the kampung spirit, a good number of customers literally grew up together, became friends and eventually started their own families.

Ganesh does not believe in letting a customer pay for something which they have no idea about. He would explain to customer about the item or services provided, in order not to alienate them. He believes that building trust with the customers is highly beneficial to both parties, as they can provide more information, especially with newer models of cars that are mechanically different from the outgoing versions.

The business has expanded over the years, with the once-small workshop moving into a bigger location. With the expansion, so did their service portfolio. Commercial vehicle service, fleet management, insurance claims, routine vehicle inspection especially for busy customers, it is no question that Prem Brothers has obtained the Bizsafe certification for a true peace of mind.

Working closely with partners helped Ganesh to transform the business from what it was to the full fledged one-stop workshop. One of the long-time partners was OWS, who saw true passion in Ganesh’s vision and have worked together to hold clinics for customers as well as provide the full technical support and know-how in the ever-changing automotive sector.

Not only is the full range of lubricants available, the entire car care range is avaliable on-site as well. Prem Brothers are providing the unique OWS Decarbonizer / Fuel Injection Cleaning service, which cleans the air intake and fuel system, with zero damage.

Prem Brothers Engineering & Motor Works is located at 138 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 S(757856). The workshop is open six days a week, from 9:00am to 6:00pm from Monday to Saturday.

To find out more about Prem Brothers Engineering & Motor Works, you can call 63682683 / 63684947, or visit


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