Silence the wind

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Too much noise in your car? Chances are, your doors are the second biggest culprit after the floorboard. DrArtex Red Wind helps to solve minor issues by sealing the area around the doors.

DrArtex is a leading producer and distributor of top quality noise insulating and vibration dampening material products with the latest scientific and technological advances.

Designed to be installed in standard car door seals, it helps to prevents air leakage to maintain integrity of the air-conditioning. This also helps to seal dust from being sucked into the car.

Benefits include the reduction in whistling noises caused by air leakage around the door, significant reduction in ambient airborne noise from entering the passenger cell. It also helps to improve the door shutting sound, by reducing the jarring thump associated with a heavy door closing.

One kit contains 12m of DrArtex which is enough for two doors. It is non toxic and is safe for use in all cars.

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