Low Down Lux (Lexus IS250)


Pulling off the appropriate aesthetics for vehicles will need the full-blown passion of the driver, as customising a car is an art. We might be privileged to spot a wide variety of cars here in Singapore, but there will be a select few who stand out from the crowd.

At the recent EMMA Singapore Championship held at Carros Centre, we saw this fine example. A quick glance will indicate that is no ordinary Lexus IS250, yet the owner does not go all out to make its aesthetics extravagant and flamboyant. The fundamental appeal of the IS250 remains, a silky smooth V6, RWD platform and a German-beating ride quality. Comparisons aside, the IS250 will still not be the first choice for modifications, given that it already looks gorgeous in stock guise. But what makes this example special will be the body kit that gives it a more aggressive stance, without compromising on practicality.


Falling in love with an IS250 isn’t for everyone, but for those who do, usually have the same reason. The definitive “JDM look” of this car have compelled many to renew their COEs, even though it isn’t one of Lexus key models. It however, is the baby of the “luxury sport sedan” which saw the introduction of the IS200, which eventually evolved into today’s IS250. The IS250 is not known to produce neck-strapping performance as it’s tuned to waft through traffic. However, with Lexus offering official F-Sport’s line of accessories, the IS250’s tuning capabilities became even more apparent in the tuning scene.

Behind the huge wheels are authentic F-Sport front brake kits which come with their own giant ventilated rotors. Good thing that the choice of wheels the Work Schwert SC4 wheels with a 8.5/9.5 staggered fitment for the complete RWD style. Impossibly thin tyres stretched… but wait, there is more. At the touch of a button, the Lexus began to settle itself way down, until all four wheels tucked into the wheel arches with a little squeak as the tyre walls rubbed against the fenders. While it could be driven forward, turning would be a little problem since the wheels have barely enough room to wriggle.

The stance of this car is the really impressive and definitely eye-catching quality. The ride height is achieved via an AirForce Suspension kit. It may sound simple with the myriad of air suspension systems out there, but given that the owner was standing outside the car – the remote ride height controller is a cool touch! Not content with simply bolting the compressors and tank to the boot floor, the owner went one step ahead and had a customised mounting shelf made to fit in the boot space, not only is it pretty to look at, it was built in such a manner that there was very little encroach into the space. With selectable positions, the kit also included self adjusting camber plates, but it takes two to tango and a second camber kit was fitted to achieve near “demon camber” poise.

Stance has gone beyond the “as low as you can go” as the players step up the game. Not content on just looking like an ordinary IS that has been slammed, the kits were customised from a variety of sources. For example, the bumper, and the new grille carry the new Lexus corporate face, but customised to fit. To aid in giving the car a ground-hugging look, are the Wald side and rear skirt kit. And to finish off with a small tip, the Wald boot lip spoiler completes the sporting looks. With the car slightly “wider” after the body treatment, the wheels now feature 15mm and 20mm spacers to cram the wheels to the very edges of the fenders.

The interior stays posh and plush with fine Japanese leather, but there is much hidden away from plain sight. A rear-view display sits on the top right corner of the windscreen, while the centre armrest console hides the air pressure gauges of the air suspension kit, and the manual controls as well! Luxury and performance are the IS250’s traits, but no one ever said “no” in the stance movement of creating some of the most unique rides on the roads today. Besides, there are limitless choices when it comes to equipment, and this car saw the same, repeated agony of getting wheels to fit.

These are the fourth set of wheels to be on this car, after many broken hopes and dreams of wilder configurations like 10-inch wide wheels. It does take a different kind of dedication in the stance world and we salute the people who take up that challenge!

Lexus IS250

Slash-cut 3” exhaust tip

AirForce Air suspension system
F-Sport Front caliper
Upsized vented rotors
Camber kit
Work Schwert SC4 20×8.5/9.5

Rear view camera
Stealth air pressure gauge and ride height control
Custom Compressor and Air Tank Mount

JDM Headlight assembly
Wald side and rear kit
Wald boot lip spoiler
Custom Lexus facelift bumper


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