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Two new wheels have landed in Singapore. The latest addition to the MSW Avantgarde collection was designed as an alternative to the OEM wheels on vehicles like the Audi A3 and A4, the Volkswagen Golf, Mercedes A Class and C Class and many others.

The aggressive, streamlined design of the new MSW 71 is immediately eye-catching and memorable. Positioned alternate to the lug holes, the 5 double spokes start out thin and tapered at the center, becoming broader as they lengthen toward the external rim of the wheel. This allows the spokes to make a fluid junction with the rim well, and at the same time maintain their smooth lines and the strength of the wheel.

The slight curve at the half-way point of the spoke adds to the sensation of movement and heightens the dynamic feel of the wheel itself. MSW 71 is OE cap ready, that is, designed to accept the original Volkswagen, Audi and even Ford hub caps.

The most recent ‘offspring’ to join MSW, as part of the Avantgarde family, is the MSW 72, the wheel designed to fit vehicles like the Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf and Audi A3, just to name a few.

The artistic concept of this wheel is exceptional and easily recognizable, thanks to the interplay of parallel and horizontal planes upon which the spokes were designed.

Although the general effect is clearly that of a multi-spoke, the 5 double spokes that are placed on each of the two planes are distinctly visible. The effect is further emphasized by the diamond-cut pattern on the outer plane that lends the wheel a bold, yet elegant look.

Each detail is unique and flawlessly crafted: the raised outer lip is in relief and the embellishments at the ends of the spokes achieve the appearance of an even larger wheel.

The MSW 71 is available from 17 to 19 inch sizes, in 5×100 and 5×114.3. Offset ranges from +30 to +45. Colour choices are: Gloss Dark Grey Full Polished, Gloss Black. The MSW 72 comes in 17 or 18 inch sizes, in 5 hole with 100, 108, 112 and 114.3 PCDs. Offset ranges from +35 to +42, in Gloss Black Full Polished finish

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