Toyoda Gosei’s New Side Airbag

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Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has jointly developed a new side airbag together with Toyota Motor Corporation. The new airbag contributes to vehicle crash safety assessment conformity in each region of the world and can be shared by various vehicle models. It is used on the new Camry and is scheduled for future use on about 2.5 million vehicles annually, including other models.

Side airbags are mounted by the side of the seat (door side). They lessen impacts to the chest and abdomen by deploying instantaneously between the door trim and passenger during side impacts. Conventional side airbags were structured of two separate airbags, but the new airbag has a three-bag structure for instantaneous deployment in high-speed crashes and efficient impact absorption. The internal pressure of each of the three bags is optimised for each vehicle model, so that these airbags can be used on a variety of models from large to small vehicles.


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