Sinfoni Symphony

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Granting access to the brains behind products, in our opinion, is vital for a better understanding of concepts. Thus, it comes as little surprise that owners themselves are now making a more concerted effort to reach out to partners. We will only attempt to comprehend the reasons behind decisions when we learn to appreciate the product developed right from the drawing board.

This is exactly what the owners of Quartarigo Sinfoni did, in a bid to strengthen relationships with more stakeholders within the local mobile media industry. They made a trip to Singapore on the 4th of May for a dealer-specific gathering, in conjunction with the recent launch of two models. Interest in the limited anniversary edition INGOT amplifiers will no doubt take the in-car entertainment (ICE) fraternity by storm – only 300 units will be made available.


There are only 4 dealers in Singapore. Since Quartarigo’s products are exclusive and precise, only selected installers are recommended during installation. These 4 are carefully selected, namely Chuan Sing Auto Accessories, Foon Audio Garage, ST Audio Master and Xtremez Audio Accessories.

The owner, Mr Fabio Marcolini and his son, Mr Roberto Marcolini, went to all seven branches of the four dealers within a day (the 4th of May) to meet the shop owners and installers. Once business matters were sorted, it was time to soak in the sights and sounds of Singapore’s stunning skyline over a pint!

Quartarigo remains as one of the best car audio amplifiers in Singapore after two decades. The durability and quality of Quartarigo products remain unrivalled, approved by thoroughbred audiophiles no less! The high standards were consistently represented in EMMA competitions throughout the years, with installers frequently utilising Quartarigo’s products to deliver high quality audio output. It takes two hands to clap, and the owners certainly know the importance of forging friendships with established local installers, in order for customers to experience the full positive effect of their products. An improved Quartarigo range will be coming soon at the end of the year – watch this space as we fill you in with more intricate details!

Photos: EMMA Singapore


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