Sepang Bash

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The seventh APi Racing Sepang Trackday is an event for the hardcore driving enthusiast, but that doesn’t indicate that participants need to have countless hours of track time under their belt before signing up. Held at the Sepang International Circuit, event organisers prefer this trackday to be tagged at a more accessible level, welcoming drivers with cars of any make and model.

But most importantly, those who signed up had a single-minded focus to have a fun time behind the wheel, regardless of the amount of horses beneath the hood of their “weapons” of choice. Cars present included mainstream hatchbacks, right through to gung-ho tarmac scrubbing turbo track machines – a neat mix that we at REV are happy to observe, rather than narrowing the focus to track-ready machines only a select few can appreciate.

Even for those who brought along their families need not worry about food and beverages as the Flaming Wheels Food Truck made an appearance at the pitlane, serving up a delectable selection of freshly made food and refreshing drinks for all participants throughout the day.

Before the track opened at 9am, everyone was gathered for a safety briefing, who also pointed out the do’s and don’ts of track etiquette – as there were a few new faces who were tagging along with the “seasoned” track warriors.

With all the prep for the trackday in place, everyone was taking it easy on the damp circuit in the morning. It continued to drizzle until the late morning, when the warm rays of the sun began to peek through the clouds and dry the track considerably!

A fun-filled afternoon it is, but realistically speaking, drivers couldn’t possibly embark on gung-ho driving lap-on-lap for the entire duration of the trackday. Of course, driving at speeds far above what we can attain on the streets allowed the drivers to comprehend a new spectrum of driving abilities.

This session also gave drivers a good opportunity to better understand the inner workings of their car. Issues such as brake fade, tyre wear and tweaking with suspension settings were hotly discussed in the pit lanes among breaks, which also helped to fan the camaraderie among the automotive enthusiasts.


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