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The popular Malaysia Rally Championship (MRC) was previously known as Rally Malaysia and Rally of Malaysia.

After the success of Malaysia Rally Championship 2016 (an event endorsed by AAM and FIA), rally fans are excited and delighted that MRC is back in 2017 with 4 rounds to be held in different states of Malaysia, with the 1st leg & 2nd leg to be held on 13 – 14 May 2017 in Perlis, Kedah, Malaysia.

With a total of 9 stages lengthening an estimate distance of 44km, rally drivers & co-drivers required full concentration and minimise any possible mistakes so that they may clock their best time during the 2 days race, however in rally, anything can still go wrong no matter how prepared you are.

Taking part in his first ever rally championship competition (Novice Category), rally driver Muhammad Khairul Nizam Yaacob (Team Sucimuci Motorsport), shared that rally racing is totally a different game compared to other motorsports events. Although with a total of 45 wins in circuit / track racing, he still find it hard to adopt to the new race which they were in. In a way, you can do circuit racing, drag racing, that doesn’t mean you can rally on the loose dirt inside the plantation.

However, with the help of co-driver Shahrol Zainal, a veteran of 21 podium records in rally championships, his luck may be changing. Shared earlier, rally isn’t an easy simple race. Driver and co-driver isn’t enough to get the team going. From paintwork, car setting to modification, all these would not be possible without the support and collaboration from garages & crews as well.

Although it was Team Sucimuci Motorsports’ first participation in rally racing, however, it was a great moment that the team have managed to secure 1st runner up in the Novice and 3rd runner up for P9 Category, an implausible achievement for the Team Sucimuci Motorsport n their first entrance in Malaysian Rally Championship. Congratulation guys!

Nevertheless, good news for rally fans. The second round of Malaysian Rally Championship 2017, International Rally of Johor association with Asia Pacific Rally Championship will be held in Johor Bharu from 11 – 13 Aug. For more details on Malaysia Rally Championship, you may visit www.malaysianrally.com.

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