The Polar Bear Roars. (Subaru Impreza WRX)



Pug-nose, hawk-eye. While the internet argues over what to call it, it is the last word in outrageously brutal performance in a 4 door format. Not to mention, that undeniably Subaru boxer rumble. The Subaru Impreza WRX, especially the GD chassis will always have a place in our hearts.This version of the second generation WRX, also saw the signature flat-four engine being upped by half a litre for even more poke.

While it is rare to find a WRX with one owner, Ken has been the owner of this white mean machine since day one. The faded, cracked and chipped exterior is a direct result of the many motorsports events he has participated in, such as the DriveRite Tarmac Rally-X, gymkhana as well as Sepang and Pasir Gudang track days.

It is hard to gain performance while maintaining longevity for a WRX, even so one that is tracked so often – yet being used for a daily commute. The engine bay houses the grumbly EJ25 built by BKS, but with several key upgrades. First, 100mm pistons, with lighter conrods to set the stage for more power upgrades and enhanced responsiveness. Next, STi cranks and valves to prep it for a mean turbo upgrade…

And without adieu, the Litchfield LM450 turbo kit, with no loss in top end performance but a quicker spool was installed. Paired with the STI twin scroll up pipe and HKS Mushroom Intake, this new turbo churns out even more power with the AVCR boost controller and stronger diverter valve ensure that the turbo boost level is not laid to waste. Finally, the intake system is finished off with a STI TMIC for the best charge cooling capability without much flow restriction.

All that spent air has to exit quickly, and thus, Ken opted for the “Hi-Power” exhaust, with a bigger downpipe and equal length extractor, because with more power on his mind, forgoing the boxer thump is a small price to pay for more horses.

More horses must go around corners, and this is the basis for the whole slew of chassis upgrades, ranging from the arms all the way to the little nut holes. Steering is quicker thanks to a Spec C rack swap, and is quicker to return to centre with a caster adjustment kit.

The stock shocks gave way to one-way coilovers, but complimented with a full slew of stiffened bushings. The lowered feel is further accentuated with more STI pinkies in the forms of arms, strut bars, and lateral links. In places where it wasn’t pink, we still find more enforcement with strut bars, thicker anti roll bars. Ken even went to the extent of making sure the rear end won’t shift and flex with rigid collars shoved deep into the chassis nut holes..

Where things got really serious, are the brakes and wheels. Behind the Enkeis live the thoroughly tortured BKS mini 6 front brake kit, along with track-spec pads, brake lines and mini 4 rear brakes, reins in this WRX furiously time and time again…

Peeking into the interior, apart from the little Defi army and blue Sparco wheel, Ken’s WRX is deceptively stock.. A look which extends to the exterior with a simple S204 wing upgrade and the STI trim kit to give it a sportier look.

With Polar Bear soon to be heading to another owner, all that has been learnt from this awesome GD platform, is what Ken considered to be one of the best ten years of car ownership. However, he has his sights on yet another high performance sedan with daily utilitarian capability, we are waiting with bated breath!

Subaru Impreza WRX

EJ25 built by BKS
CP Piston 100mm
Cosworth Conrod
Cylinder Block Guard
Sti Crank
Sti Valve
Stock Wrx Cam
Litchfield LM450 Turbo kit
HKS Mushroom Intake
Apexi AVCR Boost Controller
Synapse Diverter Valve
HKS Silent Hi-Power Exhaust
3″ Downpipe
Tomei Equal Length Extractor
STI Twin Scroll Up pipe
Spec C Version 8 6 Speed Gearbox with ATS Twin Plate Carbon Clutch
Cusco RS Rear 1.5 way LSD
Carbon Propshaft
ARC Oil Cooler
Intercooler and Radiator Water Spray System

Spec C front A Arm
Spec C Quick Steering Rack
GAB SS One way Coilover
Super Pro Caster Kit
Full Super Pro Undercarriage Bushing
STI Pink Lateral Arms
STI Pink Strut Bar Front
Cusco rear Strut Bar
Whiteline Front and Rear ARB
STI Pink Lateral Links – Rear
Whiteline Rigid Collar Rear
BKS BBK Mini 6 pots and Rear Mini 4 pots
Enkei PF01

Defi Gauges (Water Temp, Oil Temp, Oil Press, Fuel Press, Turbo, Exhaust Temp)
Sparco Steering wheel
LED RPM Shift Indicator

STi trim kit
S204 Rear Spoiler
JDM Cable Tie Bumper Repair Kit



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