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The love for motorsports is often enough to trigger meetings between people who, in other circumstances, would never have met. Motorsports aren’t something new, however, the motorsports events and social networks have increased the possibility to interact with diversities of like-minded people across the little red dot.


Many times, people who do not appreciate motorsports culture, would categorise the ‘racers’ as being immature, uncivilised, show-off, speedsters, illegal trouble maker etc. Truly, there are many kind of “racers” on the roads. Or maybe we should clarify that in fact, we aren’t racers. We are motor sportsmen, enthusiastically creating a motorsports culture that doesn’t judge anyone by their race, age, the brand of the car he/she is driving or their spending power, but by their maturity, willingness to share knowledge and positive attitude.

ACMA might just be another day to day car maintenance workshop if Alvin, Harold and Hutch have not met by chance. Impressively, these ordinary gentlemen just get bonded, enthusiastic and achieve incredible results when they decided to form Team ACMA’s motorsports, even though Harold and Hutch were already participating and enjoying the thrills, fun and the adrenaline rush of motorsports. Call it fate, destiny or whatever, these boys just clicked! As the wise ones always say, a great relationship is about 2 things: First, appreciating the similarities, and second, respecting the differences.

Besides being the big boss, Alvin is also a motivator. He confidently believed that his staff (Danza & Kong) should participate and enjoy the motorsports fun as well. Not only it would help and grow their in-depth knowledge, it provides them with progressive understanding on car related matters as well. Wow…Kong and Danza are fortunate to have a nice wonderful boss.

With current 4 team drivers, Team ACMA have been achieving tremendous results in local motorsports scenes. In addition of securing podiums finishes at Autotest events, they have also secured 1st Placing at the recent race held at Malacca International Motorsports Circuit. Believe it, they are totally unstoppable, with their daily driven cars!

2017 is going to be full of exciting challenges. To strengthen the team, ensuring that Team ACMA is always ready for any challenges, big boss Alvin have recruited 2 additional motor sportsmen to the team, Chase Lim and Jeremy Low. And as most who are familiar with Chase and Jeremy would have know that both are regular participants and winners in Malaysia races. Therefore, we do foresee that having both new crews joining Team ACMA will be a big headache. Not a headache for Team AMCA, but maybe for the opponents. And we can imagine seeing a big smile on Alvin face.

Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration from all the 6 team members, wonderful things can be achieved. All the best guys!

ACMA Engineering Works & Trading Pte Ltd. is an automobile maintenance hub where customers can be pampered while they wait for their cars. The hub strives to provide convenient car maintenance and holistic service, by caring for customers and their families in the customer lounge, equipped with comforts such as a video game system, full-body massage chairs, plus complimentary cold and hot drinks.

ACMA is located at 5 Soon Lee Street #06-20 Pioneer Point. The workshop is open six days a week, from 9:00am to 6:00pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, with extended opening hours from 9:00am to 9:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

To find out more about ACMA Engineering Works & Trading Pte Ltd, you can call 90994321 / 67107654, or visit You may follow them on Facebeook at for the latest updates!

Hutch Chau – Toyota Starlet, EP70 (Specializes: Track Driving & Gymkhana)
Velotac Autotest (Round 1)
Champion, Class C Challenge
Champion, Team Challenge
Driverite Tarmac Rally – X Reloaded – Trackhana
Champion, Class A, 1,600CC & below
SUCIMUCI Time Attack 3rd runner up in 1.5 category

Harold Louiz Chau – Nissan Silvia, S14 (Specializes in : Gymkhana, Drifting & Karting)
Velotac Autotest (Round 1)
Champion, Class B Challenge
Champion, Team Challenge

Jeremy Low – Toyota GT 86 (Specializes: Track Driving & Gymkhana)
Generation X Time Attack Championship
4th Runner-Up, Rear Wheel Drive Open (Final Star Challenge)
Sucimuci Time Attack
4th Runner Up, Open Category
GAS (Gymkhana Auto X)
1st Runner Up, Rear Wheel Drive (Pro Class)

Danza Lim Fuyi – Toyota Vios, NCP42 (Specializes: Track Driving & Gymkhana)
2017 (Experiences & achievement)
Velotac Autotest (Round 1)
2nd Runner Up, Class D Challenge
Driverite Tarmac Rally – X Reloaded – Trackhana
Contestant, Class A, 1,600CC & below

Kan Tsz Kong – Suzuki Swift, ZC11 (Specializes: Track Driving & Gymkhana)
2017 (Experiences)
Velotac Autotest (Round 1)
Contestant, Class D Challenge
Driverite Tarmac Rally – X Reloaded – Trackhana
Contestant, Class A, 1,600CC & below

Chase Lim – Suzuki Swift Sport, ZC31S (Specializes: Defensive Driving, Advanced Driving, Track Driving & Gymkhana)
Battle Royale X Series 21
Champion, Gymkhana (FF Pro)
2nd Runner-Up, Gymkhana Overall Fastest
Sucimuci Merdeka Time Attack
3rd Runner-up, 1,600 Open
2nd Runner-Up 1,600 NA
1st Runner-up 1,800 NA
MSF X-league Battle Series Championship
1st Runner-up, Street 1,600 Limited (Round 1)
GAS (Gymkhana Auto-X Series)
1st Runner-Up, Front Wheel Drive (Road Legal)
1st Runner-Up, Front Wheel Drive (Pro Class)
2nd Runner-Up, Open (Pro Class)
Generation X Time Attack Championship 2017
Champion, 1.6NA (Round 1)

Chase Lim

Chase Lim


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