Rage Of The Furious 8 (Mitsubishi Evo 8 MR-RS)


Nevermind that owning a private car in Singapore is prohibitively expensive, there are petrolheads who can afford to keep a track-purposed car. It might not be an easy feat, but the handful of enthusiasts will know that total automotive satisfaction can be had with a car that’s built to chew up tracks without the constraints of road-legality.

There are fast cars, and then there are race cars. The Mitsubishi Evolution 8 falls under this tiny category of cars that destroys all the laws that bound road cars. Apart from being the only one of its kind in Singapore, that caught Johnny’s eye was the potential for it to be modified.

With no thought spared in making this the best possible competition-grade car, all the creature comforts were ripped out. But first, lets look at the name shall we? A Evolution VIII MR-RS is a very rare JDM import which blends the trim and equipment of the GSR,RS and MR into one. While the GSR would be the most recognizable trim with all the full-fat comforts, the MR-RS is the lean machine that has been lightened, beefed-up and is ready to be raced.

In the early days, the car wore the bare amount of trim for some level of comfort during races. But since then, all of it is gone, save for the original dashboard. This car is undoubtedly fast, as seen on the various automotive competitions around Singapore from Changi to Bukit Timah.

Inside and outside, the car has been stripped down and modified so extensively that other than the body and certain portions of the undercarriage and chassis, the car is nothing like what it was originally. But, when we say stripped down, there has been some form of dress up with carbon footwells for the extinguisher mounting as well as lower dash pods for extra switch mounts.

Under the lightweight bonnet, the engine has all the LTA-legal logic thrown out of the window, with the ATP 3037 Turbo Kit which consists of a Garrett turbo with a ATP custom housing. Next, with wild cams from JUN for the extended valve lift timing allows the most breathing space for the engine. The fuel supply isn’t overlooked either, with bigger 1,000 cc injectors, fuel rail, fuel pump and fuel surge tank to ensure that this block will never run out of VP Racing C16, a race fuel with an octane rating of 117 yet being very stable fuel that burns consistently even with high intake temperatures.

Race fuel, with upgraded turbo and an engine mapping tuned for raw power, the job of turning precious fuel into motion is easily handled by tough steel conrods, twin plate clutch and a beefy LSD. This bombproof setup easily allows this Evo to break traction even with the super sticky Advan A052 tyres, for a spectacular four-wheel drift that Johnny is so famous for executing perfectly. As much as it is important to go fast, turning and stopping quickly is part of the game in gymkhana as well. This evo easily breezes such challenges with the competition 6 (F) / 4 ® piston brake kit as well as Gymkhana-spec rear inner shoes for instant bites.

Ensuring that this boosted engine doesn’t blow itself to pieces, a race-use oil pan, oil cooler and water spray reservoir keeps everything well cooled and lubricated for a long day-out at the gymkhana competitions. On the rare occasions, do we spot Johnny covering certain areas with ice cubes.

This car has come a long way with many trials and errors when it came to tuning, taking into consideration that most motorsports venues in Singapore can range from a cool ambient air temperature of under 25’s to scorching hot 36 deg.c’s in a matter of hours.

Being a prominent figure at local MSS (formerly SMSA) gymkhana events, there is no denying that Johnny and his car is the best representation of a driver-car relationship. While it may sound like a heavy duty machinery at idle, Johnny’s reflexes transforms this Evo in a blink, into a super fast, nimble missile that darts into corners, yet breaks the rear out into a graceful slide through obstacles.

It’s undeniable that this car was created to demolish records and clock the fastest times on the circuit (we’re even imagining how this would be a worthy competitor to another local Time Attack Evo 7 around Sepang). But since we have lost all contact with that Evo 7, all we can do is to imagine what would happen one day when they eventually meet on the same circuit…

Until that day comes, we’re pretty sure everyone will have a hard time keeping up with this Evo. Hasta la vista, baby! We’ve certainly come a loooong way!

Mitsubishi Evo 8 MR-RS

ATP 3037 Turbo Kit
JUN 272 High Lift Camshafts
Cosworth Forged Steel Connect Rods
Q45 Air intake manifold
Moroso Wet Sump Oil Pan
Apexi Oil cooler
APS Water Spray Reservoir
RalliArt 4.875 Final Drive
OS Giken R2CD Twin Plate Clutch
Cusco LSD
Power Enterprise 1,000 cc injectors
HKS Fuel Rail
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
External Fuel Surge Tank
Propellant – VP Racing Fuels C16
Vipec plug and play ECU
Apexi Turbo Timer
K & N Air Fuel Monitor

Custom made suspension
Advan Racing RC11
Yokohama Advan A052
AP Racing 6/4 competition piston kit
Project U Comp-B for Gymkhana rear inner shoe
Carbing Carbon Rear Strut Bar
Carbing Centre Strut Brace
Cusco Safety 21 Roll Cage

RallyTech carbon driver footwell
RallyTech carbon passenger footwell
RallyTech lower dash pod
Recaro Profi SP-G
3 inch Salbelt Harness
Cusco Handbrake Fly off button

RallyTech GT carbon roof Vent Kit 2
Do Luck Carbon Fiber front lip
Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
Carbon Fiber Doors
Carbon Fiber Boot
Carbon Fiber Rear door breather vents
Vortex Generator
Customised exhaust system
Yokohama classic race livery



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