Porsche Driving Experience

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Porsche Asia Pacific has announced the Porsche Driving Experience in Sepang, a driving programme catered for drivers who want to take their skills to the next level, step-by-step. Held at the Sepang International Circuit, a motorsport F1 track situated conveniently near Kuala Lumpur International Airport, it is the ideal location for Porsche’s programme both for customers and enthusiasts.

Consisting of 7 different and unique courses, Warm-up, Precision, Performance, Master, Race Track Experience, Porsche World Roadshow and Co-pilot, the main objective is to familiarise drivers how to control the dynamics of the car in different driving situations and with varying involvement of the vehicle’s electronic aid systems.

Participants will be split into small groups ensures individual attention and rapid progress in learning; there is also the possibility to progress towards race driver level training. In addition to the training content, every programme ensures that the fun side of driving is not forgotten.

The Porsche Driving Experience will feature the full range of Porsche models, from the 718 series to the 911, Macan, Cayenne and the recently launched Panamera. Some top-end models are also available, including the 911 Turbo S, Cayenne Turbo S and Panamera Turbo.

Martin Limpert, Managing Director of Porsche Asia Pacific, said, “This is a milestone which we at Porsche Asia Pacific have always envisioned for the region, and I am thrilled that it is finally coming to fruition. There are numerous Porsche enthusiasts in the Asia Pacific region, both owners and fans alike, who have asked for a way to experience the full potential of our cars without the need to travel to faraway places. They would now have easy and convenient access to drive some of the best sports cars in the world in one of the best race tracks in Asia with the guidance of our Porsche certified instructors. I warmly invite anybody interested to register straightaway, as there are limited slots available for this highly requested programme.”

The Co-pilot course starts from S$200, while participating in the Porsche World Roadshow starts from S$500. At the levels equivalent to the popular Porsche Sport Driving School, the beginner Warm-up course starts from S$2000. Cars used in the courses can be the participant’s’ own vehicle or will be provided by Porsche Asia Pacific. Interested parties can immediately register their interest for any of these courses at the official website: www.porsche.com/driving-experience-asia-pacific

Porsche Driving Experience Sepang Programme Overview:

The warm-up course is aimed at everyone who would like to experience the fascination of Porsche on the race track. Participants will be familiarised with the basic laws of physics relating to driving and vehicle handling. The course also covers various Porsche electronic driving aids and how these should be used correctly.

The training focuses on how to handle the car and basic driving safety. At the same time, attention is paid to the potential dangers of everyday road traffic. Particularly important factors here are learning to estimate speed and being able to react quickly.

This driving safety course mainly concentrates on further improving vehicle control. Participants should possess certain basic knowledge, such as how to find the most suitable seat position, develop optimum vision control and respond correctly when the vehicle threatens to oversteer at low speeds.

In addition to a theory session geared towards performance driving and advanced exercises on driver safety, the training includes a chance to familiarise with the respective sequence of bends and find the ideal line.

A well-trained instructor will accompany the participant throughout the whole programme. Training is conducted in small groups and performance is analysed. In addition, a workshop covering both theoretical and practical aspects will be held

Race Track Experience.
will spend one day at the Sepang International Circuit to be introduced to Porsche, our spirit and our model range. Participants will learn a lot about Porsche and how to drive the cars. From the correct seating position to driving through exciting twists and turns on our slalom and handling sections.

Porsche World Roadshow.
Experience the entire Porsche model range on the track and off-road in various high performance exercises. 16 brand new sports cars and a professional Porsche instructor team await.

Climb into the passenger seat and be impressed by the combination of power and design. To start with, a professional instructor will familiarize one with the car’s technical features, then fasten the seatbelt, sit back and hold on tightly!


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