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The Royale Rumble between the 3 Malaysia’s Gymkhana Kings and the 5 Singapore’s Gymkhana Elite, were held on the 23 April 2017, MAEPS (Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Attracting close to 25 participants, Round 2 of GAS was packed with tremendous stress, pressure and starvation for wins. With tight course layouts and rougher ground condition compared to the previous round, participants were facing issues of maintaining & preserving their tires, to last throughout the entire event.

Tighter turns, immediate handbrake turn into 540 donut, slaloms flick etc, beside participants’ driving skills, vehicle’s handling, readiness and setting were crucially push to their limit. Gymkhana is a race that’s every second matters, as such, you would observe common scene of drivers dismount to do necessary adjustments to their cars after each run, making sure that their next run would perform better.

Sylvester Lim, Wee Chong Nam, Jeremy Low, Vincent Tan and Chase Lim (Team Singapore Racing Crews) had enjoyed the superb torture layouts designed by GAS organizer. You will never be able to experience these challenges layouts in Singapore unless there’s something wrong in the organiser’s brain enjoy seeing participants struggling to the max. Well, let’s put it this way, what’s the fun if there’s no struggling in Gymkhana??

Anyway, at the end of the event, we were proud that both Malaysia and Singapore participants survived the tortures and most importantly, they had gained valuable experience in handling more difficult and challenging course. Well done everyone!!

Let’s check out the report card of our Singapore drivers:
Rear Wheel Drive – Pro Class, Champion – Jeremy Low
Rear Wheel Drive – Road Legal, 1st Runner up – Vincent Tan
Rear Wheel Drive – Road Legal, Champion – Jeremy Low
All Wheel Drive, Champion – Sylvester Lim
Open – Pro Class, 1st Runner Up, Chase Lim
Open – Pro Class, 2nd Runner Up, Sylvester Lim
Front Wheel Drive – Pro Class, 1st Runner Up, Chase Lim
Front Wheel Drive – Road legal, Champion, Chase Lim
Front Wheel Drive – Road legal, 2nd Runner Up, Wee Chong Nam

Champion of Champions Award – Chase Lim (Driver) & Wee Chong Nam (Co-driver)

Keen to join Team Singapore Racing Crews (TSRC) in the 3rd round of GAS? Look out in the Facebook for any of the team members mentioned, add them as friends. We heard the 3rd round will be held in Melaka sometime in July 2017. So, wait no more and add them as your friends now!

Text and photos: Chase Lim


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