Audiosaurus Rex (Subaru Impreza WRX)


The world of in-car entertainment (ICE) bring out the intricate details of how audio quality passion can evolve into a serious lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you drive a bread-and-butter car, or a high-performance machine. The choice of car has never stopped the local mobile media enthusiasts from building their dream setup.

The Subaru WRX has always had a massive fan base with its automotive presence. But as much as some things in life are greatly appreciated when it’s all natural, it’s always good to expand our knowledge as far as in-car-entertainment (ICE) are concerned.

This Subaru WRX is one of the regular competitors in EMMA Singapore, and also a ride that won many trophies. The owner, Ms Stacy Wong shares an undying passion in car audio and has been through a long journey with ST Audio Master.

Eddie who worked on the car since the beginning has done a terrific job, so without delay lets see whats installed!

If you’re anything like us – a team of audiophiles – then it should come as no surprise that the owner decides to use the Alpine IVA-D800E as a platform to feed his desire to own the best media entertainment on-the-go. This wonderfully built kit comes with a seven-inch touch screen compact display that offers a Bluetooth integration that produces excellent built quality.


This is directly connected to the Alpine PXA-H800GC processor, bringing its sound quality to a whole new level. Being no stranger in the ICE industry, this signal processor that provides a true 5.1-channel surround sound experience. The system also comes with a Bi-Phantom function, which uses both the front left and right channels to create a phantom center speaker, giving full control to vocal quality. Expert controls of Time Alignment, Crossover points and Equalisers, put a real stage in front of the windscreen!

In the boot, we find four units of Ground Zero amplifiers from their reference series, the all new Reference 2 Pure was used to power the full set of Reference speakers from Ground Zero.

The four Ground Zero GZPA Reference 2 Pure amplifiers, achieving a new sound dimension in each of them. The first amplifier powers the Ground Zero Plutonium GZPT Reference 28, a 1.1-inch silk dome tweeter that runs on 100 to 160 W and produces a clean sound of each instrument in the audiophile.

The next powers the 3.15-inch midwoofer. The GZPM reference 80 comes with speakers optimized with the Ground Zero’s Klippel sound system and reaches a power-handling peak of 120 W.

Designed for the uncompromising audiophile, the third GZMW Reference 180 is specially fitted and crafted to deliver a well-balanced tone from the mid-bass to the mid-high range. The last amplifier cushions 500 W from its 10-inch subwoofer, delivering the quality tunes from its extreme range.

The amplifiers were carefully installed in the trunk with the sub-woofer sitting in a sealed enclosure, while the hi- and mid- rangers were customised onto the original A pillars. The midbass speakers sit in the original door panel position for the clean OEM look.

The installation in the trunk was neatly integrated without sacrificing the sedan’s practicality for Stacy’s daily duties. While performance aficionados may cringe at the thought of adding additional sound proofing, it is necessary to bring out the best in the system. The entire car was treated to a full STP soundproofing, with the excellent Tchernov cables for the respective applications installed in the car system.

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