Swiftzilla (Suzuki Swift Sport)


It is inevitable that the “old” has to make way for the “new”. As the golden generation of the ‘90s slowly pass us by, hot hatch favourites like the Honda Civic EG and EK hatchbacks, the Nissan Pulsar GTi, Toyota Starlet and Daihatsu Charade, have become mere shadows of their former selves. As the natural cycle of the COE (Certifcate Of Entitlement) system sent these vehicles into reclusion, export or even death by scrap, a new breed of hot hatches emerged.

Ask around, there is not one soul that has never heard of Suzuki’s best selling hatchback. It has chalked up so many wins in races all over the world that it makes it a dizzying spell to read its accomplishments, including gymkhana stages. The Swift has stood up against the tests of time and performed well against its other rival hatchbacks.

In Singapore, the second generation, known as the ZC31S by chassis code, is still one of the most popular and affordable sport hatchback choices in Singapore. And being a hatchback, it is hugely popular with the younger, more motorsports-inclined crowd. The Swift Sport brought about an accessible sporty feel to the masses. And, not surprisingly, gave birth to a big aftermarket segment for itself.

Pumping a healthy 126bhp from its 1.6 litre, naturally aspirated engine, the light and agile sport variant of the Swift is one tough nut to crack. Be it styling or performance, the modification paths for the Swift is almost endless!

A demure exterior hides couple of power upgrades, ranging from extra power from the defacto intake upgrades. For a more engaging drive and snappier response, Ming went for an aftermarket engine damper and hard-rubber engine mounts for that little bit more buzz. With the installation of a Greddy GT-Slash Exhaust, the ceiling of performance is raised with a custom RS chip piggy back, tuned by Monster Tune.

Handling is one of the very true virtues of the Swift Sport, as Ming’s ride gets upped with the inclusion of an aftermarket coilover setup which replaced the old leaky “sports suspension” setup. Holding the front steady is the addition of a strut bar, while the upgraded rear anti-roll bar keeps the rear wheel geometry stiffer, for a better front end turn-in bite. The braking duties are handled by the slotted rotors, fitted with track-ready high temperature 800deg pads

Be it daily drive or maxing it out during trackdays, Ming finds comfort in his fitting Bride Cuga, whereas he kept the passenger stock for the sake of comfort. The driver’s steering input is fed through a Original OMP wide dish steering wheel, while Ming keeps an eye on things through the Depo water temp, oil temp and oil pressure gauges.

With a couple of trackdays already to Jaster’s belt, the Swift Sport is slowly becoming the proven hatchback of today that can take on the torturing and demanding track conditions of Sepang International Circuit with impressive handling, decent power.

Suzuki Swift Sport ZC31S

Suzuki sport/monstersport RAM air intake
Aftermarket engine damper
Hardrace engine mount
Greddy GT-Slash Exhaust LTA approved
RS chip piggy back by Monster Tune

Ultra front strut bar, API Racing RS-R coilover, Whiteline rear anti-roll bar, Slotted rotors, Nbrakes high temp 800deg NA-P

Bride Cuga CF original with original bride railing, Original OMP wide dish steering wheel, Depo water temp, oil temp and oil pressure gauges, Sony single din unit


Pull out quote:

“…small modifications… until he started to engage in competitions.…”


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