Transcend DrivePro 50

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What used to be an expensive car accessory, in-car camera offerings are aplenty today. From high-tech quality cameras from famous brands like Blackvue, to nasty unbranded options, the camera market has plenty of options.

The DrivePro 50 is a small and light camera that can be well hidden behind the mirror to prevent obscuring the driver’s view. This little box packs a large F/1.8 aperture lens that is capable of capturing all details of an incident, including license plates, during either daytime or nighttime. The DrivePro 50’s has a Full-HD 3-megapixel imaging sensor as well as 6 glass lenses plus 1 infrared filter lens that are designed to prevent fogging. The camera is mounted to the car’s window with a suction cup or an adhesive mount – we received the suction cup version.

Perhaps, where this camera stands out is sub S$150 price. Despite the form factor of the camera, it does not come with a screen on the back. However, it makes up with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. With the “DrivePro New” app, the DrivePro 50 can be operated entirely via iOS or Android devices. There is also the “DrivePro Toolbox” for Windows software for video file management.

The camera emits a single beep when powered up. When connected to the DrivePro 50’s network, users can stream, playback, and download videos, and easily adjust DrivePro 50’s settings on the smartphone or tablet. The Wi-Fi transmission speed is on the slow side for file transferring however, it took about 3 minutes to transfer a 3 minute video file. It can accept up to 64GB of storage.

The videos are recorded in H.264 codec at approximately 12mbps (Full HD) and 7mbps (HD) bitrate. Day performance is very good, with good colours and detail captured. The 30 frames/second capability of this camera shows its worth when it comes to capturing detail from fast-moving objects.

With a viewing angle of 130 degrees, it is a good balance between coverage and sharpness, without the “fisheye effect”. The camera also adjusts quickly to changing light conditions. Details are well-captured and readable. However, night performance is average. The camera compensates for the dark by boosting the brightness, but this causes washing out of light sources. The overall image ends up pretty grainy as well, which is common for low-priced cameras.

The built-in G-Sensor instantly triggers the Emergency Recording mode when it detects an impact. Users can manually trigger the emergency mode via a red button on the side of the camera to prevent video files from being overwritten. The camera has a built-in battery that ensures that no video files are lost after an abrupt power cut. It lacks a dedicated parking mode which means it will be constantly recording as long as it is powered up.

For less than S$150, the deal is sweetened by Transcend including its own High Endurance 16GB microSDHC MLC memory card. The Drive Pro 50 is recommended if you need an inexpensive camera with the convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity.

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