Toshiba Introduces New Amp IC

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Toshiba introduces the TCB001HQ, TCB501HQ and TCB502HQ power amp ICs which integrate a newly developed, full-time offset detection circuit that detects output offset voltage even during sound reproduction, preventing speaker burnout. This is Toshiba’s response to manufacturers seeking to refine the sound quality of car audio. The current-feedback system,  like that found in high-end hi-fi audio, prevents sound quality degradation at wide bandwidths and secures consistent sound quality.

The TCB001HQ offers up to 45W output while the TCB501HQ and TCB502HQ offer up to 49W.  These are made with a 0.13-μm process offering the industry’s lowest-in-class on-resistance for high reliability, low power consumption and environmental friendliness.

With that increasing use of start-stop engine systems,  the new power amplifier ICs have a reduced minimum operation voltage of 6 V to ensure stable amplifier operation, making it possible to prevent sound loss and noise in car audio.

Mass production of the ICs began in December 2016.


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