Kooltec A/C Flushing

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Air conditioning is an important part of our Singaporean life. More so, when we need to travel. Look around you, almost every form of transport features an air conditioner (A/C), from cars to trains!

Ever felt that your car’s A/C isn’t as cold as before? Many drivers tend to overlook the importance of a regular maintenance schedule for the car’s air conditioning system. Unlike a home air conditioner, a car’s A/C system is a much more compact, and are mostly located in the hottest part of the car, the engine bay.


A car’s A/C system is made up of three major components: the evaporator, the compressor and the condenser. There are lots of hoses, tubes, valves and sensors connecting them all. The evaporator is usually located behind the dashboard, and will require a lot of work to replace when it fails.

We try out the Kooltec A/C Flushing service at DHM Otomotive Werkz. The first step, after hooking up the machine to the A/C system is flushing. This process removes much of the old lubricant, contaminants and debris from the entire system through a computerized process. This is done with the A/C system running, and takes up to 30 minutes, depending on the complexity of the system.


The next step is the recovery of the old refrigerant. The Kooltec machine is equipped with a rotary compressor that can perform a speedy recovery and can detect vaporised refrigerant to ensure that the system is fully cleared of the harmful old stuff.

Third step, the machine performs a vacuum on the system, which removes the moisture from the closed-loop. This step is crucial as moisture can corrode the A/C system’s internals. The machine is also able to detect any leakages in the system through the vacuum test. This third step primes the A/C system for the final stage, which is the charging of the new refrigerant.


Before the new refrigerant, new lubricant is injected into the system manually. The machine takes over the charging process. The fully automated process takes into account the ambient temperature, vent temperature, ideal and actual pressure to ensure that the right amount of refrigerant is introduced into the A/C system.


The result? Before the flush, our test car was delivering 16 deg celsius at the vent. After the service, the probe was reading a chilly 9 degrees celsius! In fact, we had to turn up the temperature of our A/C system as it got too cold.


This routine A/C flushing service is recommended for every 40,000km or 2 years. This is an inexpensive maintenance cost which will prolong the life of your car’s cooling coil, compressor and condenser. Apart from extending the service life of the A/C, regular servicing maintains the performance of the system and keeps the engine load to a minimum, which in turn will help restore your vehicle’s fuel economy.

For more information, visit DHM Otomotive Werkz at Harvest @ Woodlands, 280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 #05-26, or call them at 8368 3272


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