A new brand is entering the Singapore ICE scene


Innovative, top-notch car hifi is characterised by a high degree of continuity with regard to consistent development and utmost reliability. Audiotec Fischer has always set benchmarks for sound, technology, quality and design.

Based on many years of experience in developing high-end hifi systems as well as continuous improvement of hardware and software components, the company sticks to one philosophy: To reproduce acoustic signals as authentically as possible and do our best to keep on improving sound sources for car hifi systems.

Since 1990, the name BRAX stands for reference-class audiophile listening pleasure in the car. Using hand-picked components, finest materials and handcrafting perfection, based on the premises “handmade” and “Made in Germany”,the benchmarks set in the development and production of each BRAX amplifier and speaker generation have always been to the very top.

As the company claims: “BRAX is the synonym for enjoying music at its best.There won’t be anymore…”

The BRAX range which will be available here are: The GX amplifiers, as well as the Matrix ML1/2/3/6 series of tweeters, midrange and woofer speakers.

For more information, please visit www.roma.com.sg


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