Velotac Auto VR

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Engine oil performs many functions. It reduces the friction between the moving parts of the engine, transfers heat, as well as keeping the engine clean by holding the byproducts of combustion. With turbocharging being the buzzword in new automotive technology, lubricants are rapidly evolving to keep up with the new demands.


To set the performance bar high, Velotac Auto VR is brewed with the right blend of additives used to enhance the beneficial properties of the Di-Ester and PAO base oils. PAO ensures stable lubrication at high temperatures while Di-Ester ensures oxidation resistance, as well as excellent detergency to fight off deposits.


One unique additive in the Velotac Auto VR is the Friction Guard, which forms a film wear barrier between metal surfaces to reduce contact and wear and improve fuel economy. The exclusive Oil Lost Control additive improves the sealing between the gaps in the engine. A fine example would be the piston rings which rely on a good seal to operate optimally!

Tested on both road and circuit conditions, the Velotac Auto VR exhibited great temperature stability, as well as pressure consistency even under full-on motorsports conditions which place an extreme load on the lubricant.


The Velotac Auto VR is available in 10W60 and 15W50 grades. It is highly recommended for cars with high horsepower, high running temperature, as well as competition cars which demand high pressure performance. This lubricant is suited for naturally aspirated, turbocharged, supercharged, direct Injection, diesels (without DPF) engine technologies. Even with everyday driving, the oil exhibits very little performance degradation between service intervals.

Velotac is officially distributed in Singapore and Malaysia by Quattro Engineering Pte Ltd. For more information, please email or visit


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