Pioneer’s New Subs and Amps


Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre has launched its latest in-car subwoofers and amplifiers, combining higher power handling with punchier bass delivery for maximum sonic impact.

Five subwoofers are available — the TS-WX306B, TS-WX306T, TS-WX70DA, TS-SWX3002 and TS-SWX2002 — meeting diverse market needs from conventional models to shallow versions. For the amplifier category, Pioneer has also lined up the GM-A6704, GM-A5702, GM-A4704, GM-A3702, presently its best value-for-money offering.

“Our subwoofers and amplifiers are a reflection of Pioneer’s long history and expertise in sound reproduction. We have the unique advantage of being one of the few car audio brands, which can harness the technologies and learnings from both our home entertainment and professional audio businesses,” said Mr. Chiba Takao , Deputy General Manager of Business Planning and Marketing Division, Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre.

The following are the key highlights:


TS-WX70DA Active Shallow Subwoofer

An innovative plug-and-play solution, the TS-WX70DA is the first active (powered) shallow subwoofer that incorporates Digital Bass Control. This proprietary Pioneer technology featuring two selectable bass modes, coupled with a compact back-loaded horn enclosure design, ensures superior bass quality and installation flexibility.


TS-WX306B AND TS-WX306T Box and Tube Subwoofers

76RevICENewsPioneer09The TX-WX306B box subwoofer and its cylindrical TS-WX306T counterpart are not only more affordable than ever, but also share a refreshingly new grille design, which is equally functional by protecting the onboard speaker driver.


TS-SWX2002 AND TS-SWX3002 Shallow Subwoofers

76RevICENewsPioneer05To cater for smaller city cars, Pioneer has developed the 8″ TS-SWX2002 and 12″ TS-SWX3002. These compact subwoofers also come with a factory-optimised enclosure, guaranteeing the best sound quality attainable out of the box, allowing car owners to enjoy big sound in a small space.



Retailing in two- and four-channel configurations from 500W to 1,000W, the maximum power output of all models has been upgraded by up to 30%, providing enhanced headroom for distortion-free music playback even at high volume.

The new 2017 Pioneer subwoofers and amplifiers are now available at Pioneer authorised dealers.

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