Carecell LiFePO4 Battery for Blackbox

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While car cameras are an important accessory while you are driving, they also double as a preventive tool to keep watch when the car is parked. Cameras are increasingly popular as they can provide critical evidence in case of an accident, whether it occurs when the car is stationary or moving.

Directly powering the camera from the car’s battery is the easiest solution for round the clock operation. However, this solution will cause premature battery discharge, which can lead to rapid degradation of the car’s main battery health. Several modern cars also have a feature which detects parasitic power drain and throw error codes.


The ideal solution is to have an auxiliary battery to supply power. Carecell offers a solution which uses the LiFePO4 battery technology which features quick charging. It can provide over 30 hours of camera operation with just 40 minutes of charging, which is the average commuting time for most drivers.

The LiFePO4 battery technology also features has high thermal and chemical stability with over 2000 charge cycles. To keep the battery safe, it features a thermal cutoff protection when it gets too hot and a low-voltage cut-off to protect the main battery.

The Low-voltage cut-off can be set to ACC mode for pure Carecell power when parked. For longer recording time, setting it to 12V/12.4V threshold mode which allow it to draw power from main battery until the selected voltage level, at which the Carecell will switch to the auxiliary battery for non-stop recording.

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