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Motorsports, despite the tough climate in Singapore, is alive and well even after a decade since the car parks at the old National Stadium played host to Singapore’s unique take on automobile racing, the old Kallang Car Park Rally.

A familiar team in the local motorsports, is Team Motul/Yokohama/VP Racing Fuels. The team consists of: Johnny Wong (Mitsubishi Evo), Ivan Lim (Nissan 180SX) and Terence Soh (Mitsubishi Evo). They are actively participate in gymkhana, as well as autocrossing events in Singapore and overseas.

Together, these formidable group of drivers max out the potential of their cars equipped with the Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R. Developed for the motorsports scene, these tyres are geared to hardcore racers and car enthusiasts, who want to use their car on the street and the race track and want a tyre that can handle both.


Street tyres work well when cold. However, conventional rubber compounds will lose their gripping properties when it gets too hot. Track tyres, on the other hand, only work well when hot – and most normal driving conditions do not generate near enough heat for the tyre to work.

This is the key feature of the Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R. With an unique Micro Silica Compound 2R, it features improved dry and wet grip. The macromolecule blended polymer helps the AD08R with great rigidity and improves the wear resistance. The AD08R also uses Yokohama’s unique Orange Oil technology to enhance the adhesive properties of the tyre.



Johnny Wong: “The AD08R is as good as my track tyres, giving the same grip in the dry, up to a certain temperature. I use these tyres on my road car as well for their grip on normal roads, and they are good in the wet as well.

The new “R” tyre compound provides more initial grip and improved handling. The rubber compound has more carbon, for dry grip; more silica, for wet grip and it is engineered to be more progressive with less squealing.


72revteamyokohama02Ivan Lim: “I use the AD08R on my personal road car as well. A lot of people have the misconception that these tyres are poor in the wet, but it is designed with deep channels to cope with the water and the compound grips well too. Even when driven to the limit, these are predictable with great feedback on grip!”

The Neova AD08R tread design is the same as the AD08. Sequential Round Grooves dissipate and spread forces over large unbroken tread sections. Uni-block shoulders are continuous for rigidity, powerful grip and lower lap times.


72revteamyokohama04Terence Soh: “It’s a good sporty tyre that is soft enough to be a daily use tyre. It performs very close to race-spec tyres, which is remarkable for a street tyre. We drove up to Malaysia to compete in a Gymkhana event without changing our tyres and still scored good results. The non-aggressive pattern thread gives the tyre enough drainage to drive through the wet safely too!”

The Yokohama Neova Advan AD08R is exclusively distributed by YHI Singapore. Visit for more information and the full range of Yokohama tyres that cater for different driving needs.


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