Toyota One Make Race

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One-make races might sound unfamiliar in the local context, taking into account that there is simply very limited support for a home-grown racing series to be held right on home turf. That leaves us to learn more about what our distant neighbours are up to. Toyota Motor Thailand Co. Ltd might be more commonly known to manufacture truckloads of Yaris, Vios, Altis, Camry, Fortuner and Hilux Revo (and more!) for the region, but their motorsports arm prove equally insightful especially for locals who want to pursue their racing dreams.


Toyota’s One Make Race was inaugurated in 2003 and has since made progress to include various tiers of experience for all drivers to enjoy. This racing series indirectly spawned more interest in Thailand’s motorsport arena, which is why they opened a racing school in 2007 to breed home grown talents.



Current one-make races include the Vios One Make Race for novice racers, Vios One Make Race (Lady Cup) for the fairer (but no less competitive!) sex to hone their driving skills and a couple of Altis One Make Races for more experienced drivers. And yes, there is a racing series catering to the Toyota Hilux Revo – a series we reckon could be the most engaging of the lot for spectators!


Unlike other racing series, what we find hugely appealing will be the emphasis placed to ensure every driver is engaged on a level playing field. As commonly observed, driving talent thrives in these arena, instead of teams with massive budgets – a solution to groom young talents from ground up for a chance to represent their teams and countries at the bigger stage!


We are aware that there are other one-make races, such as the Toyota 86 Racing Series in Australia. But in our opinion, it doesn’t matter what types of cars are driven on track.



The fact that drivers are racing with the same engine and chassis makes it more charming and likeable than always identifying the same teams with massive budgets bursting down the straights at every race.


One of the more recent One Make Races was held in Chiang Mai, and we could observe the lightheartedness of the drivers despite the competitive nature of the sport. Rivalry is of course present, but the sportsmanship involved proved much more invaluable than merely gunning for glory – such is the spirit of Toyota One Make Races that brands itself as one of the best home-grown races in Thailand!

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