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The world of mobile media can be considered a highly intricate industry. Apart from the usual applications of “basic” audio setups, emphasis needs to be placed on peripherals too, in order to maximise the potential of the entire sound system. For instance, soundproofing is key to ensure that sound quality is retained within the vehicle’s cabin.

The STP Aero Bomb is a soundproofing product made of bitumen, harnessed by “AERO” technology. In layman terms, this is a flexible multi-layered vibration damping material, covered with layers of polymer. What we like about this product will be its adjustability – it can be applied on the most complex areas for optimal vibration damping. It is waterproof too, so you need not worry about its feasibility in a tropical climate like Singapore where torrential downpours are the norm for certain periods of the year.


It is corrosion resistant too, as it serves to prevent water and oxygen from coming in contact with the vehicle’s chassis. A definite point to consider for the long haul, especially when it is installed on the wheel arches, boot lid and floorboard – areas where wear and tear are more commonly experienced.

But for instances where sound insulation is needed, STP has the solution with the Noiseblock Premium, a highly effective sound insulating material that consists of “membranes” to block the noise from penetrating the vehicle. It essentially consists of an adhesive polymeric later on an elastomer composition base, and is protected by anti-adhesive paper. It serves to prevent moisture condensation, too. Application is a fuss free affair – it is designed with tight adhesion to the vehicle’s floorboard.

There might be instances where exemplary ICE products are applied on the vehicle, with no expenses spared to endow it with the best possible products. But vibration damping and sound insulation are also key to preserve the sound quality, which is why STP’s Aero Bomb and Noiseblock Premium are essential innovations to yield optimal audio enjoyment on the move.

STP Soundproofing products are solely distributed by RF Electronics Pte. Ltd.


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