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From the people who brought you the Tarmac Rally-X, comes the DriveRite Circuit Type-K – “Let’s Go Karting!”

Held on Sunday, 2 October, the event kicked off at 7pm sharp at the KF1 Karting Circuit in Kranji. With many drivers who regularly participate in the Tarmac Rally-X present, it was a friendly dinner gathering before they went down to trade blows on the track, not literally.


While scrumptious dinner was catered for the drivers, some were eating sparingly in order to “keep the hp/ton ratio optimum“. Such is the dedication of the fastest drivers on the grid!


The race format began with a qualifying session, with all drivers having about 8 minutes to practice on the track. The group was split into three, in order to avoid overcrowding on the circuit. The karts were regularly rotated as well, to ensure the least amount of timing difference due to kart outputs.


The racing action got really hot when it boiled down to the semi-final runs which would determine who would be progressing to the final showdown. The circuit was not only filled with the sound of karts, but also the squealing of tyres as the drivers tried to get the most out of the karts which could reach up to speeds of 50km/h! Not to mention, with most of the weight on the rear wheels (and only having rear brakes) – these “fun” karts are serious little racing machines!


Only the fastest 12 drivers lined up for the Final showdown, a 10 lap race. It was really close contact racing from start to end, with barely 0.2 seconds separating the podium finishers! With such close racing action on the track, it was also a family outing night for many, who were either cheering on their loved ones as well as their friends.


The night drew to a close after the prize presentation at the longue, with the DriveRite sponsors ACMA and WhiteLine presenting the prizes over to the podium finishers.


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