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On 4 September 2016, Sepang roared to life as the Formula Masters China Series (FMCS) rolled into the Sepang International Race Circuit. FMCS is a single-seater racing series based in Asia. It originated from China and has been expanding around the the world. Giti Tire is the official race tire for this race.

Guests for the event were able to attend a paddock and start line visit – with a grid walk with lots of photo taking opportunities with the race cars. As the punishing weather bore down on the race teams rushing to do their final preparations, the engineers at Giti were busy to gather crucial data of real-world performance from the track side.


This isn’t Giti’s first outing at Sepang. Last year, More recently, Giti Tire entered the gruelling Sepang 12 Hours Challenge 2015 with Team Giti TopSpeed. Team Giti TopSpeed dominated the race and eventually won with a comfortable five-lap lead. The endurance racing tire development together with the renowned racing operations experiences of TopSpeed, helped Giti Tire gather valuable real time tire and vehicle dynamics data for continuous tire performance improvement initiatives.

Giti Tires can be found in many international racing events, such as Asia Formula Renault, Scirocco R-Cup Series and Clio Cup China series. Giti Tire has also participated in several off-road rally championships and Race to the Clouds – an electric car racing series. Each race has its own unique set of challenges that a tyre manufacturer must design their tyres around in order to give the competitors the best possible traction.


Motorsports are the most technologically advanced products these companies produce, and these technologies will eventually find their way to make better and safer road tyres. In a highly competitive market where the latest technology, performance and branding will sway the consumer choice, Giti Tires banks on motorsports for the experience as well as knowledge to deliver quality tyres for the passenger cars.

Motorsports often pushes tires to limits beyond the realm of normal tires, and is arguably the ultimate test bed for research and development for Giti Tires. Not all the tyres are made the same, with different rubber compounds and special additives which determine the levels of traction, durability, and comfort. This is why Giti Tires is confident about their passenger tyres featuring reduced rolling resistance, great grip, and maximum durability.


One such trickle-down technology is the Giti AdvanZtech. A multi-pitch tread design composed of mixed arrangements and computer optimized pattern blocks, this helps to reduce vibration and lowers tire noise more than ordinary tire products. More than that, the unique construction allows for greater rigidity when traction is needed most, without giving up handling and wear performance.

The technology doesn’t only come from the race track, but also the manufacturing of competition tires. From the factory to the race track, Giti Tire’s motorsports tyres help in the development of new tread patterns, construction designs, and help to develop a consistent quality manufacturing processes, which produces better and safer tires for all.

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