Battle Royal X

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Dato Sagor Racing Circuit in Kampong Gajah, Perak, saw more than 90 cars scrubbing their tires around the circuit. Drivers from all over Malaysia as well as Singapore were all eyeing for the top spots of the Battle Royal X.


Common objective as other races, BRX organiser, Encik Bob, hope to create a platform for drivers to interact and compete at a proper track. He hopes more drivers would bring the race to track not on public roads.


The BRX race format consists of Time-Attack (during the ½ half of the day) follows by a 5 laps CCT (Door to Door) challenge. A total of 8 categories were being competed in this 19th edition Battle Royal X. The categories are Cute Car, 1,500cc & Below, 1,600cc & Below, 1,800cc & Below, VTEC/MIVEC, CAMPRO Engine Series, 2,000cc & Above as well as Ladies Categories.


Representing Singapore, is Chase Lim (FK Massimo/Whiteline Suzuki Swift Sport), who won both the Time Attack (52.30s) & CCT challenge for 1,600cc & below.


Interested to take part in BRX and other races? You may add Chase Lin as your friend on Facebook and he will keep you updated on the latest events in Malaysia.

Text and Photos: Chase Lin


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