Porsche Carrera Cup Asia

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This is the 9th time the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia has hosted a race at the Marina Bay Street Circuit since the series began in 2003.

Team Porsche Holding’s Martin Ragginger barreled across the finish line to perfect a flawless lights to flag victory as Round 9 wrapped up another exhilarating race weekend on the stunning street circuit in Singapore. Ragginger’s victory was no easy achievement for the Austrian driver, who started in P1, as P2 starter PICC Team Starchase’s Nico Menzel immediately began piling on the pressure on turn 1. Not far behind the two pack leaders was KLM Racing’s Maxime Jousse, who was equally combative, locking Menzel in a delicate balancing act of offensive and defensive driving.


The race soon turned to a game of wait-and-see as Menzel and Jousse waited for Ragginger to make even a slight slip-up that would open a gap in the front. The window never came, however, as the three meticulous drivers each completed an immaculate, mistake-free race with Ragginger in first, Menzel in second and Jousse in third.

“I managed to do a good start, but Nico was there in the first lap so I had to defend quite a lot. Definitely there was no space for one mistake, I really had to drive on the limit carefully and to not lock-up or make a mistake. In the end it was a race that was really tough for all of us, but nobody made a real mistake, “Martin Ragginger said in a post-race press conference.


Zhang Da Sheng managed a valiant defense, deflecting clever attempts by Tang to overtake, but in the end he succumbed to the young driver and was passed mid-race, with Andrew Tang finishing 5th and Zhang Da Sheng earning 6th.

In Class-B, est Cola Thailand’s Vutthikorn Inthraphuvasak continued his winning streak. Starting off in P1, the Thai driver was in the center of the action, fighting off Team Jebsen’s Yuey Tan and Francis Tjia of OpenRoad racing while aggressively pushing to improve his position.


Meanwhile, Absolute Racing’s Yuan Bo, who was on pole after obtaining the fastest qualifying time but started much further back after receiving a penalty from Round 8 in Australia, glued his foot to the pedal as he shot up the ranks of drivers, overtaking Tan, Tjia and Zheng Tong Auto’s Bao Jinlong.

Just as Bo came into view of his Thai rival, Inthraphuvasak managed to pass Team Jebsen’s Cui Yue, giving him some breathing room from Bo’s furious charge forward.


In an exciting last lap overtake, Bo managed to pass Inthraphuvasak, but then suffered locked brakes that saw him smash the wall going into the tunnel in Turn 16, crunching his front right bumper and displacing his wheel while giving Inthraphuvasak a final chance to fly into first. Bo still managed to limp across the finish line in second place, followed by Yuey Tan in third and Francis Tjia in fourth. However, a 3-second penalty later applied to Yuan Bo boosted Tan to second place, with Bo officially in third.


As preparations are on the way for the grand finale in Shanghai, drivers are ramping up the fight as they pursue Porsche Carrera Cup Asia glory.


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