Focal Seminar 2016

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Given that the in-car entertainment (ICE) industry is interconnected especially within the ASEAN region, it will come as no surprise that brands will be on the constant lookout for innovative ways to approach dealers to showcase their latest products. Focal takes the first step by holding a seminar for dealers, including those from across the border.


The seminar started off proper with a Focal spokesperson, Micky, giving an industry outlook, including the Taiwanese market that has witnessed an increasing level of interest with respect to the mobile media community. We reckon that this is no ordinary seminar where only the “essentials” are being communicated. Instead, we could sense the passion and to some extent, “urgency” to encourage dealers to “ride the wave of change”. This is crucial because technology has been evolving at a neck-strapping speed over the years, and ICE will not be spared from the fast-paced changes technology has on offer. The old school approach of adopting existing technology can work, but Focal products have embraced a new set of tech-laden ideologies to challenge the industry.


New products were showcased, including the “K2P Elite” system and new “FPX” amplifiers. Focal’s punchy ELITE K2 Power subwoofer was also on display -signaling a strong statement of intent that they have the full set of equipment to challenge for mobile media supremacy.


But of course, the dealer network had to be firmly in place in order for the products to reach end consumers efficiently and effectively. Judging by the strong turnout and successful product seminar for 2016, we strongly believe that Focal will be raising the bar once again to deliver exemplary sound quality for all mobile media enthusiasts.


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