EMMA Singapore Championship 2016 Heat 1

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While Sundays are usually reserved for rest and relaxation, audiophiles take this day as an opportunity to mingle with like-minded enthusiasts. It comes as no surprise that EMMA Singapore events have grown from strength to strength, given the close-knit network within the in-car entertainment community. The 24th of July might be filled with competitive spirit, but we reckon that it is the spirit of familiarity and trust that makes these events a homely and welcoming affair year on year.


Held at Automobile Megamart, Singapore’s largest car mall, fans of mobile media witnessed the crowning of 21 champions in various categories, ranging from sound quality to segments that render more attention to aesthetics.



Key figures of the EMMA judging team included Mr Rene Krosse from Germany, as well as Mr Maslim from Indonesia. Some participants found it much more challenging, given that this competition is judged based on EMMA’s new competition CD. But we reckon that this paves the way for a more engaging and stimulating competition to distinguish between good and perfect mobile media setups.


A new category was also incorporated this time round. The “120dB challenge” prides itself on precision and sound accuracy, and also serves as a “test bed” for future events.


Heat 2 of EMMA Singapore Championship 2016 will be targeted on the 2nd of October. For more information, visit www.emmasingapore.com.


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