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Did you know that some of the names suggested for the group of Honda Integra enthusiasts in Singapore consisted of: F.I.R Friendly Integra Region, Band of DC5s, InterGravitate, D-COP DC on the Prowl, The Power of Integra, Mugen Power of Integra, Integration of the Integrals, DC Band of Bro & Sis Hood, C.I.S Club Integra Singapore, H.I.C.S Honda Integra Club Singapore, Club i-vtec, F.L.I.N.G Fanatically Loyal Integra Goons and F.L.I.R.T Fully Integra Rooted?

Integra SG Shoot 03

IntegraSG has been the go-to club for Honda Integra enthusiasts in Singapore since its formation in 2005 with the brand new DC5 model. A good ten years has passed, and we were fortunate enough to be invited to have one last good look at the enthusiasm that kept this club fueled over the past 10 years.

What you see here is not the original founding members of IntegraSG, but rather, the new faces that have sworn to keep the flame burning, after the older members of IntegraSG found it hard to balance organizing club activities with work life.

Integra SG Shoot 04

With Champ, Ray, Yilong and Adrian managing the club now, it still sees occasional new members joining the group as they still actively look for potential new members – mostly through forums, friend-to-friend information and by leaving notes on Integras that they spot around Singapore.

Integra SG Shoot 01

Keeping in touch via phones and chat apps, they recently organized a mega meet with over 40 Integras crowding at the venue for “one last hurrah” – celebrating over 10 years of camaraderie with weekly gatherings for coffee, night cruising and barbeque gatherings.

Integra SG Shoot 05

However, not all was sombre that night. This event was also meant to be a special gift to the current admin of the group, Adrian. He, along with other close friends are looking at keeping the Integra spirit roaming the streets with a renewal of their Integras’ COE. Not forgetting the handful of DA and DB Integras that were part of the group shoot, it seems that with the DC’s joining the foray, will keep this club going for a very long time!


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