Bridgestone B-Select Experience

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Unfamiliar with B-Select? Developed by Bridgestone, the B-Select tyre service outlet is a completely new and innovative retail store concept introduced to the Asia Pacific region, after seeing success in Australia, New Zealand and India.

No stranger to tyre shops (we go through at least one set a year – track days you see), we were curious to experience what the Bridgestone concept store was like. We swung by Bridgestone’s B-Select at Soon Lee Street, which officially opened its doors in 2015.


Located at 7 Soon Lee Street #01-45/46, iSpace Building Singapore 627608, it is the sixth tyre concept store from Bridgestone that offers a conducive environment for seasoned tyre shoppers, motorists who are new to tyre purchase, or even drivers needing free tyre checks and consultations. B-Select at Soon Lee Street is operated by CLH Tyres Trading.


Firstly, what we noticed is how brightly lit the place is, and how the layout of the place allows for a comfortable customer lounge, with a viewing gallery and space for car accessory retail displays.


Secondly was how uncluttered the work space is, with tools properly stacked and kept in good condition. As B-Select at Soon Lee Street focuses on providing “one-stop automotive services” for drivers, they are fully equipped to provide car owners a comprehensive list of services.


The services for all vehicle makes and models include: Tyre fitment, balancing, alignment and other car-related services – such as routine servicing with 21-point check, engine carbon cleaning and fault checking. Car enthusiasts won’t be left disappointed as well, with de facto modifications such as coilovers and brake components just some of the performance enhancements you can find at B-Select at Soon Lee Street.


The staff are well trained with the right technical skills, product knowledge, professional customer service, and store operation. Since we were more concerned about getting the most out of our little shopping trolley, we eventually settled on a new set of Ecopia EP200’s instead of the Potenza RE003.

Just as we pulled out our own set of wheels, they were quick to point out that our tyre choice would have several issues with the wheels, and they recommended an alternative solution and were not pushy about it. Our tyres were then mounted using the latest equipment such as the tyre changer which is approved for fitting run-flat tyres and a balancer with width sonar and laser weight positioning which made installation a complete breeze.


As B-Select at Soon Lee Street is a Bridgestone Authorised Dealer, we finally could have a peace of mind, knowing that our tyres were stored and transported properly from the factory to the dealer. Being witness to a new tyre blow-out on the expressway, we are certain that proper tyre storage is key to a safe drive as well.

For a full list of Bridgestone authorised dealers and information of Bridgestone’s official tyre offerings in Singapore, please visit

More on the Bridgestone Ecopia EP200!


We wanted something that could handle everything the shopping cart could do, hence an initial thought of fitting the Potenza RE003. However, after driving around in a car that barely makes 60hp on wheel, we decided that we needed to have low rolling resistance as a priority over the grip of the sporty Potenzas.

Being shown the capabilities of the Ecopia tyres way back in 2011 with the EP100A on a test circuit in Thailand, we had high expectations of the EP200 when grip was concerned. After 5 months on the EP200’s we are certain that despite all the eco badging that this tyre wears, it is still a very capable tyre. In 185/55R15 size, we had initially fitted it to 7-inch wide rims which stretched the sidewalls to the limit (this was advised against by the staff of B-Select). The good bit was that it had sharp handling but at the expense of ride comfort and noise.

After managing to source for a more suitable wheel, which was 5.5-inch wide, we traded the sharp handling for a lot more comfortable and quieter ride – especially on newly paved roads, it was the engine we heard more than the tyres.

As far as everyday driving is concerned, we have no qualms about the Ecopia EP200’s road holding capabilities in the dry, even on fast sweeping corners. In the wet, despite having run into several large puddles at expressway speeds, there was not once we ever felt the tyres running out of grip.

We had a few moments of panic braking as well in a car that lacks ABS – which reaffirmed our trust in the grip levels of the Ecopia EP200.

Now the big point: The fuel economy. According to the calculation by an OBD reader app: The Getz was averaging 15.7km/l on 14-inch wheels with standard 175/65R14 tyres. We are not good at scientific measures but, having upsized our wheels by an inch and fitted wider tyres, it should be hurting the fuel economy, right? Once we changed to the Ecopia EP200 in 185/55R15 on 15-inch wheels…. We still had the *same* fuel economy reading of an average 15.7km/l over two months.

We will highly recommended the Ecopia EP200 if you’re looking out for a good daily-use tyre. It delivers solid performance in all key areas, good on fuel economy and it is not expensive as well!


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