Andrea Teo

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Meet Andrea Teo, an awesome lady loaded with outgoing radiant energy and loves to travel! Her beauty compliments her bubbly nature with a just the right balance of well-carried sleekness that makes her one unforgettable personality!

Tell us how you feel about your experience during the shoot!
It was fun and the crew was very friendly, other than the scorching sun, lol!

Now that the shoot is over, in your opinion, what kind of preparations should one make if they are preparing for their first modeling gig?
Hmm, do a face mask to keep your skin at its best form. Alot of mua tells me that, it is something pretty important.

What are three qualities you would like to see in your ideal guy, and why so?
Hmm, I found my ideal guy and he takes good care of me and the family.

Use one word to describe yourself.

What’s the first thing you notice when you’re out on a first date with a guy?
His teeth? Haha!

Any particular pet peeves regarding the opposite gender?
Being persistence when you said no.

Would you like to share some tips for upcoming/aspiring models?
Some things that are too good to be true are often not true, and to work with trustworthy agents.

How do you the BMW 335 gracing our cover? Any first impressions?
I like the colour of the car and we made a good combination.

If this were your car, what modifications or stuff would you buy for it?
Change the colour of the seats to something bright. I love bright colours!



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