Rotary Rocket (Mazda RX-8)

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Some might opine that cars serve as an extension of one’s personality. This certainly holds true in the case of this example – a carbon-clad RX-8 that looks understated even with one of the longest list of modifications we’ve ever seen. This speaks volumes of the man behind the project. During our casual conversation, it is apparent that Eric loves to modify his car. But that does not mean adding any new component that’s available in the market. The cohesive nature of his modifications makes it all the more appealing, and it’s respectable that this project is being supervised on a RX-8 – a rev-happy, balanced driving machine only a niche section of the local motoring fraternity can appreciate.


What is in the RX-8 that exudes such a rare appeal, then? We reckon that the powertrain gives it a bespoke character. The 1.3-litre rotary motor might be torque-lite, but the engine is tuned to be extremely flexible, enabling the driver to keep the revs at boiling point. It needs to be kept at higher RPMs to be enjoyed, unlike turbocharged cars that greet you with a huge slap of turbo torque once full boost is underway.

But Eric feels that this is precisely why the rotary engine is so inviting, as it engages him to drive it hard, while being in full control. That makes perfect sense too, since the RWD drivetrain allows Eric to toggle with throttle adjustability – an experience that can be felt more naturally if the car is driven by the two rear rubbers.


But that doesn’t mean that Eric’s RX-8 can be overlooked at the performance department. He reckons that it is now pushing approximately 260bhp – highly commendable for a naturally aspirated unit. And it’s all the more admirable that the mileage of his car is well above the 100,000km mark. Eric’s ownership experience with the RX-8 can be considered as a dedicated one, changing the engine oil once every 5,000km to ensure smooth running of the rotary motor.

The committee member of Rotorhead SG also emphasises the “need” to stick with regular servicing intervals, as the components need more tender loving care than other performance variants. But that’s a tradeoff for more exclusivity and possibly more engagement behind the wheel – an intrinsic feel that could not be replicated in modern, tech-laden cars.


Given its sporty credentials, we would not primarily associate the RX-8 with functionality, but Eric believes that the suicide doors allow for a much more convenient entry and exit to the rear seats – perfect for the father of one who also uses the car to ferry friends and clients.

It is beneath the hood that makes it a truly bespoke machine. There are no lack of ingredients to beef up its potential, such as undercarriage components from Autoexe, RE Amemiya and Knightsports. All these serve to enhance the dynamic potential of its chassis – not an easy feat considering that its OEM state of tune already has near-perfect weight distribution for corner carving endeavours.


And despite extensive levels of modifications on the exterior, they are left to rock the blacked-out theme, apart from the rims. According to Eric, there are only a couple of cars running the Super Advan 18″ SA3R version 2 rims – in a triangular design we reckon fits well with the rotary heartbeat. It’s all the more striking taking into account that the golden touch is engulfed by dark, sinister aesthetics throughout the lengths of the car.

What’s next for Eric? He’s very keen to renew his COE when the right opportunity strikes. That’s certainly great news for petrolheads, as only we will understand that the true joy of driving are derived and amplified by these JDM cars. In this instance, old is definitely gold.

Mazda RX-8

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