DriveRite Tarmac Rally-X: Challenge Accepted!

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2015 is not going out without a bang: The last of the Tarmac Rally-X series, called “Challenging Stage” was held at the Malacca International Motorsports Circuit (MIMC) on 25 October 2015, at Malaysia’s second international-standard circuit after the Sepang International Circuit (SIC). The thrill is driving around the 1.7km long and 10m wide racetrack filled with speed and technical corners!

A quick recap of what Tarmac Rally-X is. ‘Tarmac’ special stages in ‘rallies’ meets ‘autocrossing’, melding both the art of going through corners under full power and extreme maneuverability on a tight circuit.


Prior to the event, participants were seen busy preparing their cars for a day of fun and driving. Last minute adjustments, removal of excess weight from their cars as well as placing stickers from the event sponsors, Whiteline, Ducatus, Autotrac as well as F Tuned Racing.

After three successful rounds, DriveRite changed their run format “Challenging Stage”. The final round consisted of a combination of the features from the previous events: The “Clockwise Mastery” and “Anti-clockwise Mastery”. Participants had to go through three stages during the event.

The first stage consisted of solo runs with standing starts followed by a total of two laps, clockwise and anti-clockwise. The second stage is when the drivers are grouped into groups of three, with standings start followed by a total of four laps in the clockwise direction. The final stage: A standing start followed by a total of 4 laps, anti-clockwise.

The main focus of Grassroots Motorsports isn’t about who is the fastest, or has the fastest car. It’s all bringing drivers from all walks of life coming together to learn a thing or two about driving fast safely – for this round, young drivers in very peculiar family cars: A Toyota Wish and a Mitsubishi Grandis, were chasing each around the circuit, providing new entertainment on top of the runs by battle-hardened veterans, with some been participating since the first round!

The day went without a hitch except for a minor oil spill, which was quickly cleaned up – and gave rise to a pretty dust cloud whenever a participant’s car ran over the cleaning material. Oh, and the haze.


Representatives from SP Line Trading for Whiteline, Unicla International Pte Ltd for Ducatus, Autotrac and F Tuned Racing graciously presented the prizes to the fastest drivers in the respective classes. In recognition of their strong support for this exciting event, the sponsors were also presented a token of appreciation by the organisers.


This may be the final event in the year-long Tarmac Rally-X series, but DriveRite is working on making 2016 even more exciting. With their mission to promote safe, responsible and courteous motoring, comprehensive car control education and training, as well as organizing affordable and fun Grassroots Motorsports event for all drivers, 2016 looks real exciting!


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