Samuel Tan: Purity Of Sound

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Samuel is no stranger to innovative mobile media products. The man behind Sonic Purity Laboratory tutors us about the magic behind his unique range of subwoofers, and fills us in about his thoughts on the local car audio culture.

Educate us about the philosophy behind Sonic Purity Laboratory
My philosophies and intentions during the R&D phase for Sonic Purity Lab include attempting to rewrite history and change the conventional mindset that a subwoofer needs to be in a box to produce low and tight bass. I want to change the way people perceive subwoofers, that a subwoofer needs to be in a huge box and require a huge amplifier output to achieve a rating of 9Hz.

I also intend to change the way that a subwoofer needs to be played at high or loud volume in order for bass to be heard. As the name of the product implies (B.E.A.S.T. = Box Eliminator Audio Subwoofer Transducer), this requires just a small compartment (like a spare tyre well with spare tyre in place) to produce loud, controlled and detailed low subwoofer bass, all the way down to 9Hz.
What products does your company carry?
Currently we have B.E.A.ST. (VORTEX 13”) and USC-1, an Up Sampler Convertor. And we are in the process to produce B.E.A.ST. – STORM 13”, which has 95 per cent performance of VORTEX at only about half the price. Products in the pipeline include USC-2, a Preamp Lever (RCA to RCA) Up Sampler Convertor and USC-3 – Multiple Signal (Speaker level signals / High level signals) mixer convertor to full range – preamp Up Sampler Signals.

In the near future, we’ll include B.E.A.S.T. – LORELEI 15”, which is another subwoofer without a box that only measures in at approximately 15” x 8” x 9”. This is capable of producing low sub frequency and loud SPL. An A/D-USC = RCA to Optical Convertor (Analog to Digital Convertor) will also be manufactured. It can convert analog to digital signal (TosLink) with a 24/192 resolution.

How can your products complement current in-car audio setups?
Nowadays, most of the car audio headunits cannot be changed or upgraded due to the integration of interior space and electronic design. And due to the limitation of the OEM headunit’s output voltage, and if the output of the signal is not pure or high enough, the next chain of products (processor, amplifier and speaker etc…) can never accurately reproduce the signal! The system will only be as good as the weakest link. Hence, the USC-1 is developed to resolve this problem right from the source of origin. USC-1 is capable of producing 10Hz to 100Khz audio frequency range as compared to conventional 20Hz to 20Khz. It is a passive device without any electronic interference and distortion.

The B.E.A.S.T – VORTEX 13” is designed to fit into any car with a spare tyre compartment. It eliminates the use of bulky enclosures that not only occupies the trunk space, but also increases the weight of the car. That would have a negative impact on its fuel consumption. The installation takes not more than two hours. When the spare tyre is needed, the B.E.A.S.T. VORTEX can be easily dismantled for full access.

The third product would be the B.E.A.S.T. – LORELEI 15”, designed for cars without a spare tyre. It has all the benefits of the B.EA.S.T VORTEX, and it does not that require any enclosure. It can play much lower and louder than the VORTEX, too.

What are your thoughts about Singapore’s car audio culture?
Singapore’s car audio culture is considered one of the more matured industries in the world, in terms of the number of audio products, technical knowledge, tuning techniques and competition-sanctioned associations. In-car entertainment lovers have increased tremendously through the cultivation of IASCA & EMMA seminars and activities. But due to the prices of COE, loan restrictions and installment policies, car audio businesses have declined rather steeply. The good thing is that the passion for car audio still remains for most audiophiles. Hopefully, the market will pick up again when COE prices are lower.

How do you intend to market your products in the Singapore market?
Mr Terence Nah of A.I.M Net Pte Ltd is appointed as the official distributor of Sonic Purity Lab products in Singapore. I will be working closely with Terence to arrange a series of product training and seminar, in order to educate dealers and end users on Sonic Purity Lab product specialties, and also touch on their applications and performance.


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