Rotorhead SG

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Gathering of like-minded car enthusiasts creates an opportunity for them to share their thoughts and knowledge about their respective area of “expertise”. And when brought to the context of this event, the level of exclusivity is intensified especially when Mazda’s RX-8 is our focal point of attention. We regard the RX-8 as niche appeals now, taking into account the rarity of its rotary engine that has a single focus to rev freely to boiling point. This, we, reckon, defines the car’s character to bestow it with an urgent and raw persona.


Rotorhead SG comprises of a niche group of petrolheads, and they recently organised a massive gathering on the 19th of July as part of their own SG50 festivities. It was held at a fitting location as well – Changi Exhibition Centre along 9 Aviation Park Road played host to countless RX-8s from 2 to 7pm. The roomy grounds allowed fellow drivers to admire and exchange knowledge about the car. This serves as a perfect platform for them to delve deeper into the inner workings of the car too, ranging from modifications, right through to sourcing for spare parts and even sharing their thoughts on servicing schedules. There were also small pockets of enthusiasts engaging in photography sessions, in what we reckon is the largest gathering of RX-8s in recent memory.


It wasn’t all fun and games too. Net proceeds from the event were donated. Dinner was also provided for all participants as part of the “package”. In an “era” where the local automotive climate is mainly driven by more than one entity, its pretty refreshing to witness a close knit bunch of friends celebrating the achievements of the RX-8 – a unique car that truly serves as a positive extension of their personality. Salute!


Photos: Esmond Ng and Jake Wang



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