EMMA China: The Heat Is On

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A casual weekend for locals in China would most likely be accompanied by meals with relatives to catch up on some precious family time. But for audiophiles, weekends serve as the perfect opportunity to gather and indulge in high quality sound, with their “weapons of choice” being decked-out in-car entertainment (ICE) haulers. The immense market size of China also meant that only the best of the best would be able to showcase their cars during the EMMA China competition in Foshan, a city located in the central Guangdong province.


We reckon that it was one of the toughest ever ICE-related competitions held in China, as it attracted a total of 140 vehicles on the 12th of July to take part in the 2-day competition. Unfortunately, the weather did not encourage excessive outdoor gatherings due to temperatures soaring to as high as 40 degrees. Still, these audiophiles braved the heat to put up a stunning display of mobile media exhibition.


The “Experienced 20k” and “40k” categories attracted more than 20 cars each. The scores were extremely high and to a point where some were indivisible, and this indicates the high level of standard in each car, despite being given the flexibility to install any components within the guidelines.


It’s interesting to note that the EMMA China event first started in 2002, only focusing on technical trainings that help to elevate the skills of the locals with the industry. Fast forward 13 years later and we can distinguish how far they’ve progressed as a committee to bring in-car entertainment to a larger outreach.


There was no lack of visual treat too, although we would expect these cars to focus on their audio-related abilities. The ESQL category serves to dish out spectacular performances to accompany the heart-thumping beats – and this particular event can be considered to be one of the most creative segments in the Asian region this year.


Judging of the EMMA China event was conducted by Mr Terence Nah, Mr Daryl Ong, Mr Marc Ayes, Mr Jino Bhucksarsi and Mr David Chen, while the event is hosted Mr Peter Chang of EMMA China. If you have the chance to visit the humble city of Foshan, plan a trip down to coincide with this annual event to indulge in an experience only the folks in China can muster!


Photos: EMMA Singapore


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