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REV: Why did you choose the Suzuki Swift Sport as your daily drive?

Jason Tan (JT): I chose the Swift Sport due to its relative affordability. That being said, I needed a car that I could utilise to fulfil my tracking passion, while also doubling up as my reliable daily workhorse. As such, the Swift Sport came into mind. It is a nimble car with a solid chassis. For a naturally aspirated car, the fuel consumption is sufficiently economical for my daily usage as well.

REV: What is your philosophy when it comes to car modifications?

JT: I always believe car modifications come in stages. First, I always believe in “modifying” the driver. One has to learn the limits of your own car and utilise your stock set-up. The mentality of the driver is also very important, especially when it comes to the primary objective of car modification.

The moment I feel that I have fully utilised the stock set up, I’ll modify all the handling components, especially critical ones like the brakes and tires. These two modifications are not to be overlooked at all costs, as they assure you of safety on the roads and track alike. The last stage will be power enhancements once you have utilised the improved handling of the car. There is a Chinese saying – ‘the driver must be fiercer than the car.’ And that is something I strongly believe in!

REV: How much would you spend to modify your car, and why?

JT: I spend within my limits. I do not “go all out” and modify my car. Rather, I do it in stages, gradually getting used to every new modification that has been implemented. I’ve seen many drivers spend a lot of money modding their cars, however, how many of them actually fully utilise their newly modified enhancements?

Most importantly, one has to spend within their limits and learn to enjoy their car every time there is a new modification. It took me three years of patience to have my car in its current set-up!

REV: Describe one memorable event with your car.

JT: All my cars (past and present) always leave me with precious memories. For this particular Swift Sport, it has brought me back into tracking once again. I stopped going to circuits for over 10 years until I switched to the Swift Sport. The sense of nostalgia being on the circuit once more certainly refuels my passion for motorsports.

REV: What are your thoughts on modern vehicles fitted with more technology as compared to older cars?

JT: To be honest, I’m not an extremely skillful driver, and that impedes my knowledge of fully appreciating the old school technicalities in older cars that allows for the full driving enthusiast’s experience without electronic aids. I appreciate modern features like traction control. One thing’s for sure – I’m a huge fan of the manual transmission, which gives me plenty of satisfaction whenever I work through the gears!
REV: What are your thoughts on the local car culture?

JT: I believe that there is still a lot of potential in the local car scene. In foreign land, drivers will bring their families along to the tracks and for races. I wish to change the mindset of the local car culture, and show people that motosports belong to a wide market. Motorsports, in my opinion, can be a family event injected with fun and laughter. This is why our company, Bynergy Asia which represents MotorVac, always sponsors local motorsports events. We try to persuade organisers to hold it as a family-oriented event, and we are currently in the midst of planning such events in due course. Do stay tuned!


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