Ninja Warrior (Mitsubishi Lancer CS3)

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Majority of car owners might opine that their vehicles merely serve as functional daily haulers for transporting passengers from one point to another. But there are a select few who value their cars more than others. Car fanatics. Auto enthusiasts. Petrolheads. Individuals with a burning passion for their vehicles, who see their cars as more than just composite metal on four wheels, but instead, as an extension of one’s personality.


The owner of this Mitsubishi Lancer CS3, Yas, belongs to this minority who has petrol running in their veins. Yas was initially weighing his options between the CS3 and the Subaru Impreza TS. He eventually settled on the former, citing the lightweight body of the CS3 and its durable and reliable 4G18 engine as the main factors in his choice of vehicle.

Yas has since embarked on a journey to radically transform his pride and joy, in terms of both its outlook so as to boost aesthetic appeal, and to ramp up its performance credentials.


Yas commenced with his modification journey with the installation of lowering springs, to allow his ride to portray a sportier outlook and a slight improvement in the handling department. They were then swapped out for a set of BC V1 coilovers, with upgraded spring rates of 14kg for the front and 12kg for the rear. This enhancement, along with an Ultra Racing front strut bar, Ultra Racing front and rear lower 4-point bars and Summit 22mm anti-roll bar ensured that his CS3 is able to tackle the sharpest of bends with utmost confidence.


After a good three and a half years of driving his CS3, Yas’ favourite modification to date remains the Drift Racing full exhaust system, a fan favourite amongst CS3 enthusiasts. The system unleashes addictive vocal snarls, supplying the CS3 with a unique identity that can only be appreciated by a discerning few.

The Drift Racing exhaust system is complemented by a bevy of performance modifications to extract the most from the 4G18 engine. Customised high cams are utilised, allowing for an extended duration of valve opening, drawing in added amounts of air resulting in more urgent shoves nearing redline. Likewise, a S90 throttle body also ensures that maximum air is able to be drawn into the engine for optimal cooling.


Next, Yas needed to ensure that the right amount of fuel is being delivered to the engine when called upon. This is dealt with by the introduction of the Greddy oil catch tank and Sard fuel regulator to ensure timely and sufficient fuel delivery at all times.

To establish improved braking performance, a D1 Spec mini 6-pot brake kit was installed, fenced in by the hugely-popular TE37 rims in a 15 x 8jj fitment. A set of Achilles 123S tyres ensure sufficient grip even on challenging tarmac conditions.


On the outside, Yas pampered his CS3 by giving it a customised Battleship Grey paint job along with a MR front lip and customised bodykit. This supplies his ride with added flair and personality, whilst ensuring that the overall aesthetics does not appear overly exaggerated.

The cabin of Yas’ CS3 might not be overloaded with goodies, but crucial bits to spruce up the cockpit are well in place. A Sparco Evo GTR bucket seat keeps him snug and comfortable, while a Sparco steering wheel is set in place to deliver precise steering feedback.


In time to come, this dedicated petrolhead is considering switching out to a Honda Civic as a future viable option to indulge in some high-revving VTEC rush. We truly admire and appreciate Yas’ dedication and touch of personal customisation in building up a CS3 he can call his very own!

Mitsubishi Lancer CS3

Customised high cams, S90 throttle body, customised piping for air intake with relocation of battery kit, sprayed engine bay and cam cover, Drift Racing full exhaust system, Greddy oil catch tank, Sard fuel regulator

MR front lip, “Sport Edition” bodykit, customised Battleship Grey paint job

Sparco Evo GTR full bucket seat, Sparco steering wheel, Evo 9 meter cluster

Ultra Racing strut bar, Ultra Racing front lower 4-point bar, Ultra Racing rear lower 4-point bar, Summit 22mm anti-roll bar, Front D1 spec mini 6-pot brake kit, Rear Lancer CS5 brake kit, BC V1 coilover (upgraded spring 14kg front/12kg rear), Volk Racing TE37 (15x8jj), Achilles 123S tyres (195/50/15)


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