First Impressions: Bridgestone RE003

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You must be wondering, how on earth did we get our hands on the RE003 within the first week of its local media launch? We managed to get it fitted on our Mitsubishi Lancer EX 2.0A GT staff car, and covered some pretty decent mileage with it along the way, too. How did it perform on local tarmac?

Initial impressions are hugely promising, with the RE003 offering plenty of “feel” behind the wheel. You could actually gather a keen sense of the road at low speeds, and rely on an abundance of grip to keep the car glued to the tarmac when travelling on the highway. Noise insulation is kept to a minimum, which is no easy feat taking into consideration that this is a performance-oriented tyre.

Bridgestone RE003…first impression… it’s so quiet! Shhhh!

Posted by REV Magazine Singapore on Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Even when corner weights load, the sidewalls offer sufficient lean to prevent the ride quality from being overly jarring. Yet, it still provides enough resistance from the relatively stiff sidewalls to enhance cornering stability. This could primarily be due to a more even road contact surface compared to its RE002 predecessor, which another car in REV’s staff fleet is currently utilising and covering 40,000km and counting…

We haven’t had the chance to test it in the pouring rain, but we can substantiate the improvements in dry and slightly wet handling performance. But with plenty of R&D going into the RE003 to reduce hydroplaning and lateral forces, watch this space as we submit a full-fledged mid-term report in the coming months!

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